Meet the Founder

Growing up as an adopted lonesome child who was bullied throughout his elementary school years does not usually allow for the creation of a truly positive individual.  With the solitude that comes with being the introverted nerdy kid in school, I was always quick to question as to why all of these bad events keep occurring to me.  Negativity was a daily mindset during my unhealthy years as a youth, and the deep sadness that I experienced from loneliness was immense.  I didn’t know it at the time, but it did cause me to try to inflict that same feeling unto others which is not a healthy way to live by any means.

Fast forward to the truly happy individual that you see now, and I am now a father on a mission to aid others in embracing positivity.  I wish I could say that there was an explicit moment in time where I stopped being negative and started reshaping my mind into focusing on positivity, but the fact of the matter is that it was over the course of time.  I can’t pinpoint a singular event that was a clear turning point, but each small life experience was a step in the right direction to the current me.

The touching and inspiring book The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch was key to finding my calling as it explicates the importance of accomplishing your childhood dreams.  What set Mr. Pausch apart from others though was the level of positivity he maintained despite learning of his terminal condition.  While most would wither away into the depths of sorrow, Randy Pausch offered the aura of an individual who was going to maximize the time he had left, while focusing on the positives of his life.  That man affected an entire generation with his story.

After starting various small business endeavors, I did not find fulfillment in many of the ventures I embarked on.  Strangely enough, working as a server in restaurants provided me much more fulfillment which I did not quite understand for a long while.  Many would see this as a menial job, but I saw it as an opportunity to make someone’s day special.  By providing impactful service with a smile, I found personal fulfillment on a day to day basis while making other’s days a little bit more blissful.

My life struggles were all lessons to give me personal strength.  Without having those important lessons in my life, I don’t think I would be the same person that you see today.  My name is Danny D. Kim, the founder of the Live Positive Blog, and my mission is to help you become the most effective and efficient individual through the power of positivity!

You can accomplish wild things through the course of your life, and I am here to support your amazing endeavors!