3 Reasons to Purchase From A Luxury Brand!

The Minimalistic Gent advocates for quality over quantity on all purchases.  Careful and planned purchases usually lead to greater returns on the joy that you receive from an item.  To help inform you fellow gents on what to look for in these high end purchases, we compiled this list of things to look for. These are the three reasons you should buy items from a luxury brand:

1. Exceptional Quality

The best quality items are made from the best materials by skilled artisans.  Clearly stated, hand made items are something we suggest going for.  Luxury brands that stand behind their handmade products are usually an excellent place to start when searching for breathtaking items. We recommend these Salvatore Ferragamo loafers which are handmade in Italy.  The quality and comfort of these types of loafers are of a high caliber and the resiliency of the materials will leave you happy for a long time!


2. Limited Quantity

Exclusivity usually helps in the aspect of boosting your love of an item.  A limited run of production makes the demand for items sky rocket which will further your appreciation for the object.  Brand recognition can help in networking opportunities to help exude the feeling of class that you want to portray, and attentive gents will definitely notice.  A Bourbon connoisseur’s dream is the Old Rip Van Winkle 25 year-old bourbon.  With only 710 bottles made in existence, this extremely aged bourbon would make for the ultimate party drink with a guest.  Exclusivity at this level ensures that the experience of drinking this bourbon can never be replicated.  Therefore, a limited run on items can increase the worthiness of an item exponentially!

3. Outstanding Value

Even items that are not exclusive can bring someone immense value if you really enjoy the item or if it serves a unique purpose.  The value you find in the object needs to be titanic or it is not the item for you.  Since we are on a path of minimizing as much as possible, there is no room for items that serve no value.  The cost of the item should be greatly outweighed by the disproportionate value you receive from owning this item.  We love our luxury watches at the Minimalistic Gent, and we would recommend the Rolex Yacht-Master II in yellow gold as a watch that will not only make you feel world class but show it to the world as well!

Luxury brands can be quite expensive, but making wise choices is imperative to ensure your hard-earned money goes to outstanding products.  We here at the Minimalistic Gent are extremely big on spending extra for items that can last a lifetime or offer one of a kind experiences. Find what items can enrich and excite your life through their quality and exclusivity, and let us know down below what you find!

3 Ways To Get Ridiculous Amounts of Work Done!

We know you are all extremely busy individuals.  Today though we are giving you three essential tips to utterly annihilate all that you have to do! Time is of the essence so here are the three ways to get lots of work done:


1. Destroy All Distractions

Distractions are everywhere and detract from your performance.  If possible, turn your phone off and rid yourself of everything that does not help in the work you are doing.  When answering other people’s needs and wants (like answering emails and phone calls), you put your time at their mercy and are not able to utilize your time as your own.  Get rid of all distractions that can keep you from doing your work and your efficiency will skyrocket!


2. Have Goals in Mind

If you write your goals the chances of you accomplishing it grow to ridiculous levels.  Incremental goals that are specific yet quantifiable are the best kinds of goals that will ensure you maximize your potential.  Before going to bed each day, jot down all of your goals for the coming day and you will be sure to accomplish them.


3. Take Breaks

We are not machines that can work incessantly.  Without breaks you will experience burnout that will decrease your efficiency and effectiveness.  We cannot recommend a perfect break system, but you need to find out what works for you.  Some of us need more frequent breaks to keep our attention level at peak levels, and some need less breaks.  Your break system will all depends on your focus level and how intense your work is (for some a five minute break on the hour is sufficient and for some a 30 minute break every couple of hours works).

Staying extremely efficient and getting the most out of your day is pivotal to being a Minimalistic Gent.  Minimizing your possessions is only one part of the equation, and the other aspect is maximizing your efficiency.  We can’t wait to see what you accomplish here at Minimalistic Gent!



3 Versatile Watches That Can Be Worn On The Daily!

A gentleman’s watch is important, but you can only pick one watch to wear at any given time.  Picking a watch can be time-consuming (pun-intended) event, and you can only wear one watch at any given time.  Therefore, these are our recommendations of three watches that should be at the forefront of your list to wear on a daily basis:

1. Rolex Submariner

This is the hard hitting classic James Bond watch that will never go out of style.  Your kids and grandkids will still be wearing Rolex Submariners which attests to their huge impact on horology.  Not only is this watch extremely durable, it has such a cult following that watch connoisseurs and hobbyists alike can recognize and respect this model.  If you only own one watch in your collection, the Rolex Submariner is a fantastic choice that will always stay relevant.

2. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph

Undeniable in design, the Royal Oak chronograph is an amazing watch that can be worn on the daily.  In comparison to the “brick” (the 18k gold Royal Oak that weighs about 333 grams) the Royal Oak chronograph offers a much more wearable version of this iconic model.  The screw down chronograph is a nice touch that helps to bring an aesthetically pleasing asymmetric look to the watch.  Using this on the daily will put a little extra presence on your wrist whenever you are out and about!

Patek Philippe Nautilus

Nothing screams success quite like a Patek Philippe, and the Nautilus is the quintessential watch silhouette that can be worn on a daily.  Depending on your wrist size though will dictate if this model is for you or not; the Nautilus does fit smaller on the wrist than the other models on this list.  Extreme craftsmanship has gone into the making of these watches, and you will be instantly elevated to watch connoisseur status by wearing this on a daily basis.

These are our three recommendations for watches that can be used on a daily basis! Minimalistic Gent is committed to helping you reduce clutter and to maximize your capabilities.  If you are ready to downsize to a single watch, all of these are amazing choices that will be relevant for generations to come!

5 Board Games For Dinner Parties!

Entertainment is an exciting aspect of gatherings that can be the ice breaker for meeting new party guests.  If there are new guests that you’ve never met before, what better way to introduce yourselves than a fun and exciting board game.  We at the Minimalistic Gent recommend games that are both classic and easy to learn.  Games that are too complex can lead to frustration and boredom among guests which can be an instant party ruiner.  Here are the five board games we recommend to boost the excitement and laughs at your next party:

1. Monopoly

Given an extended amount of time, Monopoly is a great way to enjoy the company of others.  Granted this is not the best choice if there is a time limit on the party, Monopoly has an air of sophistication that guests will appreciate.  Monopoly games can be extremely time consuming but very rewarding.  Stay competitive and well-mannered and you will be sure to impress your guests.  By choosing this game, it shows that you enjoy your guests company so much that you would love them to stay for an extended period of time!

2. Scrabble

What better way to demonstrate your vivid language than through the Scrabble board game.  Guests will be astounded at your prowess of the English language, and this game may lead to new knowledge on words you haven’t fathomed using before.  Scrabble is still a decently time consuming game, but it is a classic game that can show confidence in your own abilities to decipher and create magnificent words.

3. Yahtzee

Dice rolling has never been so fun.  Yahtzee allows for a quick game that is still substantial enough to get your guests attention.  The simple scoring system is riddled with complex strategies that can lead to an air of competitiveness with guests.  Explaining the rules to newcomers may take a little while, but expect a great time once everyone understands the game’s mechanics (don’t forget to yell Yahtzee when the time is right)!

4. Chinese Checkers

Both easy to setup and easy to play, this extremely casual game helps keep games less about the rules and more about the interactions.  Up to six players can play, and it will lead to a quick board game that any guest can enjoy.  This could be the best introduction to guests that are not used to playing board games because of the simplistic rules.  The tone of the party will be set as casually fun, and your guests will understand that a fun and entertaining night awaits them.

5. Jenga

The quickest game on this list; prepare for your guests to stand up.  Jenga is always known for its edge of the seat, nail biting pressure scenarios that are sure to get a laugh out of guests.  Our favorite part about Jenga is the setup.  The setup is extraordinarily easy and the space requirements are minimal.  Get ready for the party to liven up immediately with this game due to the toppling wooden tower.

Party board games are a great way to network with individuals you are meeting for the first time.  It helps new guests to feel much more comfortable in your house and leads to an amazing experience that everyone will remember.  Great food, great company, and great entertainment are the keys to a successful dinner party that you can throw in confidence.  Let us know your favorite board game down below, and we can’t wait to hear of your phenomenal parties!

3 Ways To Excel At Your Passion!

As a gentleman, it is important to have something that you are passionate about.  Whatever you decide to pursue, it is pivotal to excel and dominate your sector of choice.  These are the three ways to be amazing at your passion:


1. Work Exceptionally Hard

Greatness only comes from ridiculous work ethic.  If you want to be exceptional, you have to put in the time and effort that equates to standing apart from the crowd.  Exceptional performance is only achieved by practice and time.  Therefore, if you put in the adequate time and effort, you will receive amazing results!


2. Disregard Negative Perceptions

Success and doing something that is unconventional is scary to many others.  Many live with that fear and project it on others which is the reason the closest people may downplay your efforts and say that it is a waste of time.  If you believe enough in your passion, your time will be well spent on achieving your goals.  Utilize their negativity as fuel to motivate yourself into success.


3. Put Yourself Out There

If you put in the work and time that is necessary to succeed, it is time to actually perform and show the world your talents.  Perfectionists will constantly think that they are not ready to put out their passion to the masses, but delay will eventually turn to regret.  Time goes by so quickly that a stupefying opportunity could pass without you knowing.  Trust in your process and believe that you have what it takes to succeed at your passion!

Therefore, excelling at your passion is an important part of finding your happiness.  Once you become self-aware of what you want to pursue, go ALL IN! Regret is the worst syndrome that an individual can live with, and working ridiculously hard is the best remedy.  We at Minimalistic Gent believe in you, and we can’t wait to hear of your accomplishments!



3 Questions To Ask Before Your First Luxury Watch Purchase!

To many gentleman a watch is more than just an instrument to tell a wandering stranger the time. Watches exude class and a tiny snippet as to who you are as a person. They nonverbally cue that you are a responsible and timely person that is able to get things done.  With all this emanating from a simple watch, it is important to find the one that matches your personality and compliments your unique style.  Here are the three things you need to think about before making your first luxury watch purchase.

1. When Will I Wear This Watch?

The very first thing you need to think about when purchasing a watch is its purpose.  Are you an experienced diver that needs to take his watch on expeditions at extreme depths? Are you a cutthroat business executive that will be in meetings throughout the day? Are you an entrepreneur that frequently travels and needs to have two different time zones on his wrist at all time? These are all questions to ask that will lead to the type of watch that will fit your needs.  Watches have features that can make them water proof to extreme depths, shine and impress those around you, and display multiple time zones on one dial.  Think about where you will mostly be using your watch, and this will quickly allude you to the right watch that you need!

2. Do I Even Like How It Looks?

If you don’t like how the watch looks, you won’t wear it.  Just because someone else owns a watch, doesn’t mean it’s the best fit for you.  We at Minimalistic Gent recommend going to the actual boutiques and trying a few pieces on before purchasing.  Due to everyone’s wrists being different sizes, some watches will look better on others.  If the act of putting on your watch doesn’t brighten up your morning a little bit, it’s not the watch for you.  Watches are supposed to be fun, and you need to purchase a watch that you enjoy wearing above all else!

3. Why Is This Watch Special?

In the world of watches there are a plethora of choices.  Each watch has something unique that will draw your attention, but there has to be a reason for why you like the watch.  You may not intrinsically know the exact reason and some watches may just resonate with you causing you to gravitate to that model, but there is a reason.  Inability to quantify exactly why you like a watch isn’t a bad thing, but you have to love the watch you are purchasing in order for it to be a happy and momentous experience.  Some things to think about though are brand recognition, exclusivity, movement type, resale value, and resilience to damage.  Whatever the reason is, the watch has to be special so that you can enjoy it to the fullest on a daily basis.

In conclusion, these are the three questions you should ask yourself before purchasing a luxury watch.  The hardest realization for myself was really understanding that I can only wear one watch at any given time (least I look foolish with one on each wrist).  That led me to really minimize my watch collection and only keep the pieces that I really loved.  Above all else, it should be a fun and exciting experience that can mark a significant moment in time!

5 Grooming Items Every Gentleman Needs!

Upkeep of your hygiene is important as a gentleman.

1. Unforgettable Cologne

What better way to remember someone than the unique and expressive cologne that they wear.  Finding a cologne that matches both the season and your personal style can be tricky, but we suggest something as seductive and enveloping as Dior Sauvage!

2. High Quality Razor

Whether you have a tried and hardened beard  or a clean cut face, shaving is an essential of our morning routine.  Therefore, a shaver with multiple settings is important to ensure it is both a simple and effective endeavor every morning!

3. Deep Cleansing Face Wash

At the end of our showers, we highly recommend a deep cleaning face wash. Not only does it feel good and refreshing, this essential item helps to get rid of dreaded black heads and blemishes. This clay wash from Shiseido has been more than adequate for the job, and we recommend this triple deep cleaning cleanser for your daily upkeep!

4. Long Lasting Hair Wax

Depending on your hair type and needs, you will need a high quality hair product to look your best on the daily.  Having your hair look great can be an art in itself, but we like to keep things simple with a hair wax that lasts all day.  Therefore, hair products that can keep up with your activities are crucial.


5. Effective Tooth Brush

Think of how many times you brush your teeth in a day.  Multiply that into a whole year, and you can understand how important a well built toothbrush is. This is definitely not an item to skimp on, and you owe it to yourself to buy a high quality one!

Hygiene is important in every gentleman’s daily routine, and these are some of the items that we at Minimalistic Gent recommend!


5 Signs You Are A Minimalistic Gent!

Are you looking for like minded individuals whom are both extremely driven and want the best out of life? Minimalistic Gent is about maximizing the person you are through minimalistic tendencies.  Here are themain symptoms that you are a Minimalistic Gent:

IMG_6484.JPG1. You hate clutter

One of the most pivotal signs that you are a practitioner of the Minimalistic Gent movement is that you dislike anything that is disorganized and messy. You are the person that loves to wake up to a clean and tidy room, and anything less causes a discord in the effectiveness of your day. You are willing to live with less to achieve the goal of an organized and efficient lifestyle!


2. You Appreciate the Finer Things In Life!

You are known as the “fancy” one in your inner circle of friends.  Sometimes those with smaller mindsets ridicule you for the “excessive” prices you pay for items.  You have a keen eye for quality when it is put in front of you, but you are meticulous on choosing what to own.  You don’t make a lot of purchases, but when you do they are quality and informed decisions that provide value that is well worth the price.


3.  You Maximize Your Time

The greatest commodity that can never be replaced is time, and you know it. Time is always ticking, and you are a restless soul that needs to get everything done. Maximizing your time is pivotal in your daily life and your busy schedule is a testament to that!


4. The Gentleman Lifestyle Interests You!

Dressing impeccable is a key to your everyday motif. You know that well placed manners and the way you carry yourself are the greatest reflections of your character. Rudeness is not tolerated and you are not afraid to speak your mind when confronted.


5. Everything You Do Is Done With Extra Care!

You understand that being perfect isn’t always possible, but you know that exceptional work and outstanding performance is what separates you from others!  Sometimes you can be known as a perfectionist, but you are willing to accept that mistakes can be insightful lessons.

In conclusion, if you exhibit these traits you are definitely a Minimalistic Gent tried and true.  Together we will enable you to be the best gentleman you can be with less clutter and maximize your lifestyle.

5 Essentials For The Active Gentleman!

Let’s face it, we are all busy individuals! Making time for the gym may be the last thing on many of your minds, but it is important to take care of your body to stay efficient and effective in all that you do. Personally, I am a self-diagnosed “gym-aholic,” and my day doesn’t start until I hit the weights. Therefore, these are five of the essentials that the active gentleman needs when he hits the gym!

1. Excellent Pair of Contemporary Shoes

Before, I was an insane sneaker head; needing to have every shoe in every color way available. These days though I have learnt that 146 pairs of shoes does not always equate to an essential collection that is functional. Therefore, find yourself a good gym shoe that is comfortable and looks great. You’ll never know who you might meet in the gym, so put your best foot forward and choose a great looking shoe such as these Nike Vapor Max. They are both comfortable and fashion forward to look great at the gym.

2. Noise Canceling Earphones

My biggest obstacle to success in the gym has been small talk with others.  Although it can lead to great networking opportunities, sometimes you just need noise canceling earphones to drown out all of the noise in the gym.  A great workout for me involves putting on my headphones and putting in an hour work of weights nonstop.  Also, not all headphones are created equal, so find one that is exceptional in quality such as these Bose Quiet Comfort 35 Wireless Headphones.  Wireless headphones are also pivotal because it allows you to put your phone into your bag to further minimize distractions!

3. Comfortable Gym Attire

If shoes are the first step to any great outfit, clothes are definitely the next pivotal part of looking like a professional at the gym. Nike Tech Fleece comes to mind when it comes to technologically advanced clothing.  This Tech Fleece is extremely durable and is made to be wearable in all types of conditions.  Do yourself a favor and keep your wardrobe minimal with pieces that have large amounts of research put into them.

4. Multi-use Bag

When I am focusing on my workout, I personally keep my pockets free of anything.  The amount of times that either my keys or phone fell out of my pocket while on the bench press are insurmountable. Therefore, having a bag can alleviate this issue to further help your workout come along.  A nice and simple bag like this one offers an easy way to transport all of your belongings while offering a minimalistic aesthetics that others will take note of as well.

5. Home Gym

To save even more time, it may be more beneficial for some of you to just buy workout equipment that can be set up at home. If your housing situation allows for enough space to have equipment installed, this could be an ideal way to start or end your day. Completing a workout in the morning leaves me wide awake and heavily energized for my busy day, while completing a workout at night leaves me exhausted and ready for a night of deep sleep.  Installing this equipment can make your days become instantly more efficient and can lead to great productivity feats at a small price.

These are the top five items that an active gentleman needs in his life.  Despite our busy schedules, make the time to exercise and stay healthy.  This is key to your productivity and will lead to a more successful lifestyle!