The Prestige of the Drink Virtuoso

Some of the best interactions between individuals is through the consumption of  liquor that slacken the disposition of the meeting and exalt merriment of enjoying the present.  Should you want to unwavering confidence when ordering your beverage, you’ll need the Minimalistic Gent’s guide to drinks.

A trendsetter and a virtuoso at exuding confidence, a gentleman knows exactly what delectable drink is suitable for the situation.  His knowledge is plentiful, inspiring those around him, yet he is not brash in his mastery of liquor to boast about his expertise.  Understanding the minuscule impact that a choice of drink has on the jollity of a situation is pivotal, and a gentleman never conjectures a presumption of others based on their drink of choice.  Instead, a gentleman is an ornate man of cultured predisposition, keen on the pleasures of company,  whom utilizes his mastery to relish in the moments of leisure.


A word of warning, a true gentleman never overindulges in the seductive appeal of overconsumption, as it can lead to ostentatious behavior that provide a recalcitrant, obstreperous atmosphere that others will eschew from.  True gentleman know the value of equanimity in social settings and repudiating a drink when one is beginning to feel the tactile vulgarity of belligerence.  Keeping the high spirits of your company is more important than selfish binge-drinking that will manifest negative perceptions of a forlorn and immature individual who is both delinquent and undisciplined.


The beginnings of one’s journey to being a connoisseur or liquor is an understanding of the zeitgeist of drinks that are tried and true classics.  Knowledge of the liquors associated with timeless antiquity provide a backbone to the process of educating yourself on a diverse flavor palette.  Classical drinks such as the martini, old-fashioned, and Manhattan are robust cocktails with indestructible timelessness.  Contemporary classic drinks such as the Cuba Libre, Irish coffee, and the margarita all provide an air of modern sophistication that others will appreciate.  Even the comprehension of the types of fine liquors such as cognac, scotch, and bourbons will allow you a deeper grasp on the intricacies of these deep spirits with a multitude of infinitesimal flavors that only true virtuosos will understand.  Whatever your drink of choice is, having a willingness to venture into new, uncomfortable territory will enable you a thorough education on the vastness of liquor.


As a gentleman, one understands that mastery does not come from a singular instance.  Instead it is the commitment to the process that enables one to become extraordinary.  The act of trying a new beverage at each opportune allows for a direct and expedient way of refining your palette.  In addition, the act of humbling yourself and asking a suggestion from the bartender will enable a fresh perspective from an experienced specialist who can imbue knowledge only an aficionado can provide.  Only through experience and an inclination to understanding the perplexing world of alcohol can one truly assimilate the expertise that one desires.


The peregrination of comprehending the extensive world of liquor is an ongoing process filled with boundless information that can improve one’s boundless cognition.  Always keep in mind that ordering a beverage is not a critical, momentous event, and that you should not be portentous when exhibiting your understandings.  Never allow yourself to stress on the intricacies of liquor, and instead, enjoy the jovial time you have with your company.  Confidence in the ordering process simply provides an excellent medium to the vivacity of enjoyment, and others will appreciate the knowledge you provide.  The exuberance of partaking of a drink with others is a cheerful experience, and a true gentleman has a profound understanding of liquor which exude his subtle confidence that others will admire.

The Importance of Thoughtful Purchases

We often squander money on low-quality bargains that seem like scholarly decisions at first but are regretted upon later. If you are ready to learn the potent decision-making tool, you’ll need the Minimalistic Gent’s guide to exemplary purchases.

How many instances can you recall of making a purchasing decision that you regret at a later date?  When given the option, did you choose the item that lacked minor traits but you bought it because it was a wiser economic deal? Alas, this scenario is all too uncommon, and usually, individuals end up purchasing the more expensive option because of the inadequacies of the first decision.  In order to avoid this deplorable ordeal, we recommend investing into the item you indubitably want from the onset to discourage wasteful usage of your time and resources.


Procuring the quintessential item that you have contemplated long hours on will inevitably allow you to conserve funds.  Often times, short-sided actions of purchasing a secondary, non-ideal item will  perpetuate you to buy another item because of its inadequacies. The constant musing on your original plan of action causes you to reminisce on the loss of quality that you held dear in your selection. Forcing you to double the original investment on the product of your choice, this type of behavior forces you to spend extraneously.  Keeping your purchases limited in number is an important aspect of being a Minimalistic Gent, and only by making an informed and effectual purchase will you exude that persona.


Taking a precise approach to your purchases enables you to be much more informed on the item you are buying.   Although arduous, finding the item you really want requires you to truly understand what you necessitate and require for fulfillment.  Apprehending the implications of your desire allows for heavy comprehension and intense contemplation on the value it provides to your life.  By taking the approach of an enlightened erudite on the item of question, you will make a sophisticated yet practical decision.


Purchasing the object of lesser value and quality means settling for an inferior, subordinate item that causes you to reminisce about the decision you made.  If you truly desire a specific item of opulence, it is pivotal that you make it a point to achieve that goal.  Compromising on a goal of yours is runner-up mentality, and you need to be the maximized gentleman you were destined to be.  In order to keep yourself from constantly recalling about the resolution you agreed upon, be patient in your endeavor and purchase the item you truly want.  Exceptional work ethic and supreme patience are two principal aspects of prestigious gentleman and knowledge of the key lesson of unprecedented eminence.


As a prolific gentleman of style, you know the importance of being unconventional yet extraordinary. Although many would argue that accepting the item of lesser prominence is acceptable behavior, you are not a man of the status-quo.  Instead, you know the psychological implications of settling and the wasteful nature of unfavorable spending in the case of repurchasing.  Show the bravado and patience of a true gentleman and allow yourself to relish in the true item of opulence that you have sought out.  Only then can you be a true practitioner of the Minimalistic Gent lifestyle and maximize your essential-filled behaviors.


Life of a Gent: The Vigorous Ascender

Meet the contemporary fashionista with a passion for climbing.


An original series exploring distinct gentleman in contemporary society.

Soft, powdery chalk envelops the entire flooring of the Arch Project Climbing Center; a place where many take on the new and exciting activity of climbing a plethora of paths carved across a 2,000 sqft climbing surface.  Inventive individuals take their physical prowess to the test in creative and fulfilling approaches to the climb.  A purveyor of his new-found passion of indoor rock climbing (bouldering), Gray Goodhue embodies a true gentleman that has set himself to succeed in a challenging atmosphere.  A former practitioner of Kajukenbo (a portmanteau of Karate, Judo, Jujutsu, Kenpo, and Boxing), Gray’s deep roots in martial arts allowed him the physical prowess that many admire and revere in him.  Clad in contemporary clothing, Gray is a master at combining wardrobes of dissimilar styles while still paying strong homage to the zeitgeist of men’s dress. A perplexing individual with a strong conviction to his beliefs, Gray exhibits an inspirational disposition of confidence that others admire.


Credence in one’s capabilities is an extremely paramount factor in accomplishing one’s goals, but learning that your notable skills are not as relevant in a new endeavor is extremely humbling.  Facing bouldering for the first time was a grueling escapade that forced Gray to look internally for the willpower to endure the difficulties of developing an unfamiliar climbing adroitness.  Acknowledgement of his personal fortitude and his exceptional dexterity had Gray going into climbing from a predisposed place of competence.  In hindsight, Gray quickly learned the fallacy of his misunderstandings after failed attempts through the pathways that were exceedingly difficult.  “The first day I thought it was all about strength.  I was totally wrong.  There are so many techniques involved in bouldering such as smooth transitions and the ability to minimize wasted energy” Grey explains. After pensive practice, Gray eventually understood the importance of an open mind which was a turning point in understanding that the most pivotal attribute needed to succeed was a nonpartisan approach to fresh endeavors. Having an extremely fortified mindset towards accomplishing the new-found obstacles he faced in bouldering, Gray showed impeccable ascendancy to sovereignty over his limitations, and has expanded his mindset to succeed in this new craft.  The supposition he once had towards his own abilities had to be superseded by an indomitable willpower, and Gray exemplifies this trait through the accomplishments he has seen in bouldering.


Bouldering inevitably caused Gray to become part of a community that valued equivalently powerful mindsets towards the accomplishment of their goals.  Gray stressed the importance of the community in bouldering, with various individuals often advising and mentoring others in maximizing their potential and offering tips to further their technique.  By having other individuals who were willing to share their modus operandi to finishing their routes, Gray found an expedited pathway to improving his competence at his new expertise.  Social interaction allowed Gray to feel part of a faction of individuals whom shared homogenous interests and corresponding positive mindsets that were impactful in Gray’s astute progress.


When asked to explain his definition of a gentleman, Gray speaks from a position of authoritative experience.  “A gentleman shows maturity in the respect he has for others. He also feels good about himself and is confident in his ability to affect others in a positive way” Gray explains.  An individual who is able to elucidate clearly the traits of a gentleman, Gray is enamored with the idea of dressing for success.  Known for his stylish everyday attire, Gray is not afraid to push the bounds of men’s fashion while still keeping it appropriate for the situation at hand.  Making divergent adjustments that exude his idiosyncratic methodology to individuality, he is never faulted for being overly ostentatious in his attire.  A classy man in every sense of the word, Gray always portrays an impeccably dressed, well-mannered individual that has a deep yearning for prosperity in all that he does.


Having the fearlessness to pursue a new endeavor utterly and without hesitation is a true mark of a gentleman that is ready to find his life’s avocation.  Making the transition from proficient martial artist to dexterous bouldering practitioner has allowed Grey a new perspective on the viability of pursuing new aspirations. The Minimalistic Gent, therefore, recognizes Gray Goodhue as a true purveyor of the gentleman lifestyle and can not wait to hear of his accomplishments in the world of bouldering.  Having a cultivated willingness to engage in unconventional activities of fulfillment are the marks of a modern gentleman, and Gray has put himself in a substantial position to eventually become a virtuoso at his new craft.

A New Perspective to Collecting Items

A true gentleman knows that clutter and disorganization are two of the key ineffectual habits that inhibits productivity.  As individuals who still enjoy the grandeurs of life, a modern approach to the acquisition of items needs to be taken in order to reduce the stress associated with a large amount of possessions.

Accumulating a plethora of goods has become a typical status quo of what it means to be a purveyor of success.  As previous curators of anything collectible, we too once felt the incessant need to purchase additional items in order to find the temporary boost of contentment from the ownership of something fresh.  Unfortunately, this feeling is fleeting and is not an interminable path to elation, so an avant-garde alternative would be to change your personal definition of collecting.


Instead of collecting mass amounts of items, resolve to procure only the upscale, precious items that virtuosos appreciate.  Eliminating the cursory enjoyment you receive from constant purchases, delve into the realm of collecting significant, unforgettable pieces that any connoisseur would appreciate.  Whatever you are collecting and find value from, commit to downsizing the collection to fund the acquisition of the items of most magnificence in that particular sector.  Seemingly counter-intuitive, this instead enables you to relinquish items that are not as pivotal to your curation of items and enables you freedom of space to really appreciate the nonpareil items that others will admire.


An example of the conceptualization of this divergent idea can pertain to a gentleman’s watch collection.  There is a functional limitation of only needing to wear a singular watch on one’s wrist at any given moment.  Therefore, downsizing a collection of 12 watches would potentially allow for the purchase of higher-end watches with stronger value propositions.  Having three impressively expensive, high-quality watches would instead enable one the ability to upgrade into the grandeur of a connoisseur’s collection of opulence instead of a huge collection of clutter.


In your pursuit of an unparalleled, condensed collection you will understand that in almost all collecting habits there is always a better item that is perhaps more expensive or exclusive.  This truth enables you to still find deep enjoyment in the hobby of collecting but in a different contemporary way.  With the example of watches, you are limited to three high-end solid watches.  The pleasure derived from this collecting process is from the choices made on what items can remain and which ones must be removed.  Frequent upgrades are possible in this collecting style which will not take away the euphoria experienced from the purchase of new, fresh products. Being concise with your collection means removing items to fund or upgrade new ones; enabling you to attain items you never thought was possible.


Frankly, being a minimalist takes discipline, and being an austere gentleman who is rigid on his accumulation of possessions requires onerous decisions that are not natural to many.  Due to factors such as the eminence of social media, many see the accumulation of large quantities as an indication of success.  In reality though, the upkeep of titanic collections leads to unnecessary stress stemmed from living a profligate lifestyle.  In your journey of cultivating your gentleman persona, you also need to cultivate your collecting habits to be concise, prestigious, and significant.  Many minimalists will advocate for the total abandonment of any type of collecting habits, but we believe that fulfillment can come from items if they are invaluable to you.  The negative term hoarder comes from the idea of uncontrollable, habitual collecting, so find the items that are most pivotal in your collection to ensure you are viewed as the prestigious gentleman that has a keen eye to the majestic splendors of the world.


Life of a Gent: The Impassioned Adviser


An original series exploring distinct gentleman in contemporary society.

It’s 12:31AM, and the mostly vacant gymnasium is hushed by the monotonous murmur of vacuums from janitorial workers accompanied by the piercing clash of metallic plates striking the ground.  Most lie in the comfort of their den at this ostentatious hour, but the few that remain are motivated and engaged in their exercises.  The antithesis to the roaring activity of the peak hours of business, this gym only contains individuals that are tenacious enough to take an austere path towards their goals.  Entering the gym, one man exudes an affable vibrancy that captivates the attention of others; as this type of liveliness is much too uncommon at this late hour. Providing a well spirited greeting to companions and acquaintances, this man is incredibly versed in the art of conversation but completes his cordialities expeditiously.  By being a congenial character of unmistakable confidence, he remains a character that provides a robust perspective on life while having a knack for engaging dialogue. A true gentleman with an internal persistence to flourish, Matt Nguyen is an indomitable individual with a convivial personality that inspires others to succeed.


A carefree, affirmative individual, Matt attributes harsh circumstances to the powerful conviction he imbues in others.  When most adolescences were worrying about their academics and social interactions in middle school, Matt witnessed first hand the obstacles that life delivers.  Witnessing the effects of two cycles of chemotherapy treatments on his mother provided him with a deep understanding of the unfortunate events that individuals face, and the lack of parental figures, due to his separated parents working diligently to pay bills, showed him the strength needed to be an independent individual.  Facing other challenges, Matt turned to substance abuse at a young age to cope with the pain he felt from his circumstances.  “I did amounts that you hear people die from… lethal dosages,” Matt uttered solemnly.  A true purveyor of success, Matt was able to drastically change his life through the meeting of his mentors whom offered him direction to stray from his deleterious path. Through his personal hardships, Matt found strength by rising above his circumstances and becoming the jovial individual who offers the same positive support to others.


Through his own mentors, Matt was inspired to radiate support to those who lacked direction in their lives.  Coming from the hardships that he endured, Matt is driven to imbue hope unto others to show that their past situations do not define their future.  Seeing the financial problems that his own family had to face inspired him to pursue an unconventional path that is both personally and financially rewarding.  “I want to be there when my kids are doing drugs.  I want to be there to talk to them and provide support,” Matt emphatically declares.  Finding the personal strength to overcome detrimental obstacles is the true mark of a gentleman and Matt’s life goal is to make a substantial difference in the lives of others.


When asked for his personal definition of a gentleman Matt emphasized self-sufficiency.  “A gentleman knows how to take care of themselves and can hold down the fort for his family,” Matt explains.  A gentleman is self-aware and knows that it is unreasonable to believe that you will be agreeable to all others.  “A gentleman knows who they are and knows that they are not going to agree with everyone; and that is fine. A gentleman has patience with people” he explicates.  Impeccable manners and robust communication skills define the gentleman because he needs to communicate effectively and efficiently in order to divulge his vision.  An experienced individual versed in chivalry, Matt speaks with familiarity when describing the phenomenal traits of a true gentleman.


A true mentor understands the need for his own constant self-development to empower others to change their live.  A strong individual with a powerful purpose, Matt displays the traits of a true leader in the face of adversity.  Instead of allowing his circumstances to negatively affect his life, Matt metamorphosed them into powerful strengths that will aid others and offer them hope in bleak situations.  Therefore, the Minimalistic Gent recognizes Matt Nguyen as a true purveyor of the gentleman lifestyle and cannot wait to see the impeccable work he will accomplish!

Empowerment Through Distinctive Style

A true practitioner of the Minimalistic Gent lifestyle has an eclectic yet timeless sense of fashion in all that he does.  By understanding the fundamentals of fashion while offering a twist on the historical garb of triumphant individuals, you will awe and inspire others to empower themselves with their own methodology of dress. 

“I’m not the kind of person who tries to be cool or trendy.  I’m definitely an individual” (Leonardo DiCaprio).  It is imperative, as a gentleman, to be an awe-inspiring individual who’s sense of style galvanizes others to refine their own personal fashion. Having an encyclopedic knowledge of the various style cues of the ideal gentleman ensures that you are able to comprehend the quintessential elements of dress while allowing yourself the freedom to transfigure outfits of old into contemporary masterpieces.  As a gentleman of class, you understand that there is an art to subtleness, and your own perspectives on style will portray the man of chivalry that you are.


Understanding the zeitgeist of gentleman fashion is the first step to finding your own interpretations.  Although you may not fully follow out-dated trends, knowing and understanding their prominence in history allows you the mastery of a true connoisseur of fashion.  The three-piece suit is still the epitome of manliness and it will never be unstylish, but understanding what elements make a great suit are important to capitalizing on this exemplary style.  Dating as far back as the early 1900’s during the Regency era, it can be clearly seen that some styles will always be relevant in the realm of menswear.


Taking the initiative to be a practitioner of unique style starts with history and is followed by personal preference.  Minute modifications into your classical style will lead to wondrous variations that are explicitly noticeable.  The impeccable details are crucial to enable you to stay away from gaudy, ostantatious elements that do not exude your personal style.  Assertive understanding of your own personal self is key to making the small refinements in your daily dress; whether it be simplistic additions such as a signet ring or a tie bar.  Minuscule changes make the world of difference when it comes to portraying a confident and divergent personal sense of style.


Finding what works for your own daily cultivation of style is a process riddled in a trial-and-error approach. Only by having supreme self confidence will one be able to venture into unfamiliar fashion choices.  Feedback from your peers can be a tremendous source of extraordinary value in this facet of life.  The vocal opinions of others can help to mitigate fashion choices that you are not completely comfortable with, but you need to be wary in understanding the clear difference between constructive criticism and negative belittlement.


The path to a phenomenal sense of fashion that will rouse others to internalize a yearning for betterment is an ongoing one.  True gentleman are always impeccably dressed and only by truly understanding the elements of menswear, can you maximize your style potentials.