The Urgency of Efficient Methodologists

In order to accomplish anything phenomenal, extreme efficiency and effective methodology must be employed on a daily basis.  Only by consistent hard work can one attain the greatness that one has set out to achieve.  The time to react and make the executive decision to pursue one’s dreams is present, and creating patterns of daily routines is pivotal to putting yourself in the best position to succeed.

Understanding the frailness of human life and one’s personal mortality will enable one to understand the sense of urgency that will enable the motivation to pursue one’s goals without any hesitation.  Life is extremely short and it is easy to forget the transience lifespan that puts a timer on one’s goals.  Only by understanding the agileness of time will one find the responsiveness to achieving all that they set out to do.

A true gentleman knows the urgencies of following one’s personal endeavors in a  methodical way.  By modeling success in others and understanding the impermanence of life, one will transform their outlook on aspirations to focus on the most important facets of one’s life.

Are Street Wear Brands Luxury Brands?

The rise of street wear has been swift from small subculture to being featured on celebrities and actors alike.  This once underground fashion style has resonated with huge audiences over recent years, and many are led with questions about street wear and their place in the market.  Due to the exclusivity, prices, and brand awareness, we at the Minimalistic Gent believe that they can be categorized as luxury brands in today’s society.



The main attraction that gets A-list celebrities wearing street wear is the exclusivity and lack of stock.  Brands like Bape and Supreme spread their releases across various dates while controlling the supply to produce an air of exclusivity also found in luxury products.  Street wear brands are extremely proficient at not meeting the demand for their products, much like luxury brands, so they control their respective markets exceptionally well.  Lineups are immense around these stores when they release their product; reaching record amounts of individuals that want their hands on these coveted items.  The fact that exclusivity is at such extreme heights means that street wear brands are wanted on a grand scale which makes them comparable to the exclusive luxury brands that limit their supply.



Street wear can be comparable to luxury brands in price.  Although they may lack the quality that we at the Minimalistic Gent advocate for, we can’t deny the exuberant prices street wear comes in at.  An example of an item would be the iconic Bape shark hoodie (cotton hoodie) which starts at around $405 in stores.  The brand still does well and is able to instantly sell out of their stock every single release.  Prices are extremely high in street wear which is comparable to other introductory luxury brands and that’s without even going into the exuberant second hand market (where prices can even be double of what the retail is). The infamous box logo tee from Supreme is iconic enough to be extremely desired and can go on the secondary market for prices easily exceeding $1,000.  This is an insane markup from the t-shirt that was purchased for about $148 from the Supreme store.  The price range that street wear brands can reach is extensive, but it is comparable to the price ranges of various luxury brands.


Brand Awareness

Street wear has evolved from the confides of a select few people wearing it to being common place in media.  Seeing an A-list celebrity wear a street wear brand increases awareness where others try to emulate the style.  The air of high-end haute culture is very similar in this aspect because you will instantly be recognized by your peers for the clothes you decide to wear.  Supreme’s flagrant box logo can be recognized from distances away and it is one of the most counterfeited items.  There is an insane counterfeit market for these brands which shows how the worldwide awareness of these items has reached cult following levels.  Due to the brand awareness, anyone will recognize items such as the Bape ape logo or the Supreme red box logo.  The brand awareness of these street wear brands has become so great that it is easily recognized as a high end commodity comparable to luxury brands.

Although some may say that street wear lacks the quality or the history of other luxury fashion houses, there is no denying their impact on contemporary culture. Even historically stringent brands have recently been more accepting of street wear culture (like the eye opening collaboration between Louis Vuitton and Supreme).  We at the Minimalistic Gent advocate for less items that are of quality and value, and street wear brands definitely carry a huge value when it comes to resale and brand recognition.  Street wear brands can be considered luxury brands because of their price, exclusivity, and brand awareness which has been an unexpected but interesting phenomenon in contemporary times.  Let us know your thoughts below on whether street wear can be considered luxury-esque, and stay tuned for more from the Minimalistic Gent!

3 Reasons to Purchase From A Luxury Brand!

The Minimalistic Gent advocates for quality over quantity on all purchases.  Careful and planned purchases usually lead to greater returns on the joy that you receive from an item.  To help inform you fellow gents on what to look for in these high end purchases, we compiled this list of things to look for. These are the three reasons you should buy items from a luxury brand:

1. Exceptional Quality

The best quality items are made from the best materials by skilled artisans.  Clearly stated, hand made items are something we suggest going for.  Luxury brands that stand behind their handmade products are usually an excellent place to start when searching for breathtaking items. We recommend these Salvatore Ferragamo loafers which are handmade in Italy.  The quality and comfort of these types of loafers are of a high caliber and the resiliency of the materials will leave you happy for a long time!


2. Limited Quantity

Exclusivity usually helps in the aspect of boosting your love of an item.  A limited run of production makes the demand for items sky rocket which will further your appreciation for the object.  Brand recognition can help in networking opportunities to help exude the feeling of class that you want to portray, and attentive gents will definitely notice.  A Bourbon connoisseur’s dream is the Old Rip Van Winkle 25 year-old bourbon.  With only 710 bottles made in existence, this extremely aged bourbon would make for the ultimate party drink with a guest.  Exclusivity at this level ensures that the experience of drinking this bourbon can never be replicated.  Therefore, a limited run on items can increase the worthiness of an item exponentially!

3. Outstanding Value

Even items that are not exclusive can bring someone immense value if you really enjoy the item or if it serves a unique purpose.  The value you find in the object needs to be titanic or it is not the item for you.  Since we are on a path of minimizing as much as possible, there is no room for items that serve no value.  The cost of the item should be greatly outweighed by the disproportionate value you receive from owning this item.  We love our luxury watches at the Minimalistic Gent, and we would recommend the Rolex Yacht-Master II in yellow gold as a watch that will not only make you feel world class but show it to the world as well!

Luxury brands can be quite expensive, but making wise choices is imperative to ensure your hard-earned money goes to outstanding products.  We here at the Minimalistic Gent are extremely big on spending extra for items that can last a lifetime or offer one of a kind experiences. Find what items can enrich and excite your life through their quality and exclusivity, and let us know down below what you find!

3 Versatile Watches That Can Be Worn On The Daily!

A gentleman’s watch is important, but you can only pick one watch to wear at any given time.  Picking a watch can be time-consuming (pun-intended) event, and you can only wear one watch at any given time.  Therefore, these are our recommendations of three watches that should be at the forefront of your list to wear on a daily basis:

1. Rolex Submariner

This is the hard hitting classic James Bond watch that will never go out of style.  Your kids and grandkids will still be wearing Rolex Submariners which attests to their huge impact on horology.  Not only is this watch extremely durable, it has such a cult following that watch connoisseurs and hobbyists alike can recognize and respect this model.  If you only own one watch in your collection, the Rolex Submariner is a fantastic choice that will always stay relevant.

2. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph

Undeniable in design, the Royal Oak chronograph is an amazing watch that can be worn on the daily.  In comparison to the “brick” (the 18k gold Royal Oak that weighs about 333 grams) the Royal Oak chronograph offers a much more wearable version of this iconic model.  The screw down chronograph is a nice touch that helps to bring an aesthetically pleasing asymmetric look to the watch.  Using this on the daily will put a little extra presence on your wrist whenever you are out and about!

Patek Philippe Nautilus

Nothing screams success quite like a Patek Philippe, and the Nautilus is the quintessential watch silhouette that can be worn on a daily.  Depending on your wrist size though will dictate if this model is for you or not; the Nautilus does fit smaller on the wrist than the other models on this list.  Extreme craftsmanship has gone into the making of these watches, and you will be instantly elevated to watch connoisseur status by wearing this on a daily basis.

These are our three recommendations for watches that can be used on a daily basis! Minimalistic Gent is committed to helping you reduce clutter and to maximize your capabilities.  If you are ready to downsize to a single watch, all of these are amazing choices that will be relevant for generations to come!

5 Ways A Modern Gentleman Can Stand Out In Society!

Eclectic, distinct, and anomalous were not always words associated with our gentleman forefathers before us.  In a modern day though it is crucial in becoming the distinct individual that others perceive in a positive yet unique way.  Being unafraid of the idiosyncrasies of your own lifestyle is paramount in becoming the best version of yourself in modern society.  Therefore, these are the five ways a gentleman can project himself in contemporary society:


1. Embrace Your Hobbies and Passions!

Many of us have something that we are either passionate about or really enjoy doing.  For many though, they are still lost in finding what really enriches their life; they feel lost. Unfortunately, a lot of individuals turn to ridicule and anger to demean the hobbies and passions of others.  Do not let the naysayers halt what you have set out to do! Standing out as an individual often comes with dismissive comments and contemptuous behaviors towards your accomplishments.  Embrace yourself as you are and you will soar high above the small minded individuals that would hold you back!


2. Practice Exceptional Mannerisms

It goes without saying that being a gentleman means having phenomenal manners that sets him apart from others.  Over time, the way gentleman have conducted themselves has changed.  I am a huge proponent for forward thinking, but I do believe that many of the tried and true rules of etiquette can be still applied today in a modern society (holding the door open for someone will never go out of style).  The way you carry yourself will remain in the minds of those that you meet, so stand out as a true gentleman and wow them with your manners.


3. Keep Your Home Minimal and Classy

Welcoming company to your home is always an exciting experience for anyone.  Keeping your item count low but prioritizing on quality furniture and appliances will ensure your house is maintained thoroughly without expensing too much time.  Guests will love the wide open spaces of your minimal room and will be impressed by your attention to cleanliness; seen throughout the house.  This ensures a quality and memorable experience that will inspire others and set you apart from other gents.


4. Dress Unforgettably Well

Tom Ford advises that “dressing well is a form of good manners.” To stand out from the rest, treat every outing as an event.  Being known as the well-dressed individual among your inner circle of friends is the ideal moniker you should receive.  People will notice the almost effortless way you dress and will be inspired to take pride in their presentation.  Dressing well does not always mean a three-piece suit though. Dressing according to the occasion and having a small rotation of outfits for practical situations is key in dressing in an unforgettable fashion.


5. Continue to Strive for More

Complacency is settling for what you have accomplished and being content with your style of life.  Do not let complacency set in! A gentleman can stand out from society by being the beacon of zealous purpose.  Strive through the struggle and tribulations that come with having the courage to do something amazing, and you will eventually be rewarded for your pains.  Settling is what the majority will do because it is safe and secure.  To stand out as a gentleman in contemporary society, you will have to do more. Even just striving to be a little bit better at some aspect of your life on an everyday basis will ensure that you will continue to become closer to all of your goals.

Standing out as a modern gentleman can be both frightening and stressful.  I am assured though that these tips will ensure true happiness and self-awareness if you have the courage and perseverance needed to weather whatever happened to you.  Believe in your own inner strength to reach for your goals and maximize your life as a gentleman!


3 Reasons You NEED A Watch!

What is the one quintessential piece that any gentleman needs in his possession? This question has been asked since the dawn of time, and we are no more closer to the answer than our forefathers before us. Alas, today I argue in favor of a simple chronological piece that adorns the wrist of many. Today we’re talking watches (cue Ben Clymer’s voice).


Reason #1: Watches allude to timeliness and punctuality.

A gentleman always arrives early to the party. Punctuality is a key component to showing others your sophistication and maturity when it comes to promises. Sometimes it seems as if time is passing by at an extraordinary rate, and there is never enough time to get everything done. Although many fall into this trap, if you make a promise to be at a certain place, be there. Make the time to be early because noone likes to wait (especially that beautiful girl you just met from the coffee shop). Watches are an indication of this attentiveness to punctuality; a key ingredient to making amazing first impressions.


Reason #2: A watch is a standalone accessory

Minimalistic Gent prides itself on making becoming a gentleman easy. I’m a very simple person, and having a watch provides that little bit of uniqueness to any outfit I am going to wear. Personally, I don’t wear any jewelry outside of this piece, so I make sure I get a watch that screams my personality. To minimize the insane thought processes needed to accessorize appropriately for each occasion, stick to a watch.


Reason #3: Watches have historical importance.

Watches can connect us to a generation before us, and it can connect to future generations. Lineage comes into play and what better way to connect on your sons 18th birthday, than to give him your prized and coveted watch! Passing watches through the generations can be a new and exciting family tradition that will ensure your accomplishments will go on in history for years to come!


Therefore, these are among some of the many reasons that you NEED a watch on your wrist. As a gentleman it’s important to have a watch that shows you value time. It’s a great addition to all of your wardrobe and will be the statement piece that helps you meet future clients and maybe that cute girl from the coffee shop!

Can You Be a Minimalist and Like Luxury Items?



The biggest question that I receive on this page is how can you be a minimalist if you buy luxury items? Everyone has a different interpretation of what it means to be a minimalist, but I think we can all agree that it is living with less clutter to help minimize the stress in our lives. In my interpretation of minimalism, I believe that we can own less things which will put a greater emphasis on the value of all of the things that we do decide to keep.


As an avid and recovering addict to collecting, I found it extremely difficult to still find satisfaction in totally getting rid of all of my things. Therefore, I found the balance that stuck with me on how to be what I call a “minimalist collector.” This is a collection based on quality rather than quantity, and all of the pieces have a great story or reason for remaining (my David Yurman skull ring has become a statement piece that I wear every single day because of the unique waves and the black diamond eyes it contains).  Here is my interpretation of a minimalist jewelry collection:


All of these items have an integral part in my wardrobe and can be interchanged for various styles.

Therefore, I believe you can definitely enjoy luxury items and be a minimalist. As long as you put an emphasis on the art, design, and quality of items, you can still enjoy them. Don’t be afraid of nice things, but find a great balance of what you enjoy that will not clutter up your life!