3 Versatile Watches That Can Be Worn On The Daily!

A gentleman’s watch is important, but you can only pick one watch to wear at any given time.  Picking a watch can be time-consuming (pun-intended) event, and you can only wear one watch at any given time.  Therefore, these are our recommendations of three watches that should be at the forefront of your list to wear on a daily basis:

1. Rolex Submariner

This is the hard hitting classic James Bond watch that will never go out of style.  Your kids and grandkids will still be wearing Rolex Submariners which attests to their huge impact on horology.  Not only is this watch extremely durable, it has such a cult following that watch connoisseurs and hobbyists alike can recognize and respect this model.  If you only own one watch in your collection, the Rolex Submariner is a fantastic choice that will always stay relevant.

2. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph

Undeniable in design, the Royal Oak chronograph is an amazing watch that can be worn on the daily.  In comparison to the “brick” (the 18k gold Royal Oak that weighs about 333 grams) the Royal Oak chronograph offers a much more wearable version of this iconic model.  The screw down chronograph is a nice touch that helps to bring an aesthetically pleasing asymmetric look to the watch.  Using this on the daily will put a little extra presence on your wrist whenever you are out and about!

Patek Philippe Nautilus

Nothing screams success quite like a Patek Philippe, and the Nautilus is the quintessential watch silhouette that can be worn on a daily.  Depending on your wrist size though will dictate if this model is for you or not; the Nautilus does fit smaller on the wrist than the other models on this list.  Extreme craftsmanship has gone into the making of these watches, and you will be instantly elevated to watch connoisseur status by wearing this on a daily basis.

These are our three recommendations for watches that can be used on a daily basis! Minimalistic Gent is committed to helping you reduce clutter and to maximize your capabilities.  If you are ready to downsize to a single watch, all of these are amazing choices that will be relevant for generations to come!

3 Reasons You NEED A Watch!

What is the one quintessential piece that any gentleman needs in his possession? This question has been asked since the dawn of time, and we are no more closer to the answer than our forefathers before us. Alas, today I argue in favor of a simple chronological piece that adorns the wrist of many. Today we’re talking watches (cue Ben Clymer’s voice).


Reason #1: Watches allude to timeliness and punctuality.

A gentleman always arrives early to the party. Punctuality is a key component to showing others your sophistication and maturity when it comes to promises. Sometimes it seems as if time is passing by at an extraordinary rate, and there is never enough time to get everything done. Although many fall into this trap, if you make a promise to be at a certain place, be there. Make the time to be early because noone likes to wait (especially that beautiful girl you just met from the coffee shop). Watches are an indication of this attentiveness to punctuality; a key ingredient to making amazing first impressions.


Reason #2: A watch is a standalone accessory

Minimalistic Gent prides itself on making becoming a gentleman easy. I’m a very simple person, and having a watch provides that little bit of uniqueness to any outfit I am going to wear. Personally, I don’t wear any jewelry outside of this piece, so I make sure I get a watch that screams my personality. To minimize the insane thought processes needed to accessorize appropriately for each occasion, stick to a watch.


Reason #3: Watches have historical importance.

Watches can connect us to a generation before us, and it can connect to future generations. Lineage comes into play and what better way to connect on your sons 18th birthday, than to give him your prized and coveted watch! Passing watches through the generations can be a new and exciting family tradition that will ensure your accomplishments will go on in history for years to come!


Therefore, these are among some of the many reasons that you NEED a watch on your wrist. As a gentleman it’s important to have a watch that shows you value time. It’s a great addition to all of your wardrobe and will be the statement piece that helps you meet future clients and maybe that cute girl from the coffee shop!

5 Cool Gadgets Every Guy Should One Day Own!

We here at Minimalistic Gent are determined to help others declutter and maximize their lifestyles. Therefore, these are five gadgets that every aspiring gentleman should have in their household.  Each of these have a central purpose and reason for being in your collection of goods because they are versatile for every gentleman’s needs. Here are the cool gadgets you need to own:

1. Topnotch Headphones (Incredible Sound For Professionals)

In our pursuit of minimizing clutter, you deserve to get an excellent pair of headphones.  These Bose headphones are convenient and a great addition to any working man’s lifestyle. Whether your at the gym or making an important business call, these headphones send a statement that you are a professional that values quality above all else!

2. Watch Winder (Impressive Centerpiece for Guests)

Let’s face it watch winders are one of the coolest accessories any gentleman could have to display their watch collection to others.  Greeting guests to a rotating watch collection displayed on your cabinet will definitely get the attention you want! It can make the subtle difference to your room and adds an air of sophistication to newly invited guests. I can’t begin to say how many times people have noticed my watch winder on my nightstand. People notice and are enthralled with watch winders!

3. External Battery Charger (Life Saver For Efficient Gents)

How many times has your phone battery depleted at the worst possible time (in the middle of a business meeting or chatting with a potential customer)? An external battery charger gives you the freedom to not have to worry about the battery consumption of your phone. Having this handy will allow you to stay efficient and finish the multitude of tasks you need to finish without being constrained to finding a place to charge your phone!

4. Ridiculous Speaker System (Incomparable Sound Quality For the Affluent)

This is the speaker that none of your friends or family members have. This speaker shows that you appreciate things of beauty and have a taste for quality.  A party isn’t complete without good music that sets the ambiance.  With this speaker, you will never have to purchase another one (nor will you want to).  Guests will immediately question what the futuristic egg looking item on the table is, but once it is on they will never forget what they hear! This speaker is an unforgettable experience that will be the talk of all your guests for a long while to come.

5. Excellent Quality MacBook (The Most Important Piece of Equipment You Need)

MacBooks have transcended the functional features they offer. They have a cult following that people relate to, and people buy this product because of its brand. Efficiency is key to keeping up with competitors of course, but the Macbook stands alone when it comes to brand recognition!

Therefore, these are five of the electronic devices that every gent should own. Each of these items have a special purpose that fits into the Minimalistic Gent lifestyle!