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The Minimalistic Gent advocates for quality over quantity on all purchases.  Careful and planned purchases usually lead to greater returns on the joy that you receive from an item.  To help inform you fellow gents on what to look for in these high end purchases, we compiled this list of things to look for. These […]

Getting rid of items is essential to living the Minimalistic Gent lifestyle! How you go about doing that though can be a daunting process with no clear beginning.  Taking the first step is pivotal in maximizing your life and reaching the potential that you deserve to attain. These are the three techniques we believe are […]

LIFE OF A GENT An original series exploring distinct gentleman in contemporary society. Exploring distinct ways to impact our future generation is an ambitious yet worthwhile endeavor. To edify the next of kin in an impactful way can be an arduous task that takes the utmost patience. Thomas de Castro who goes by the moniker […]

We know you are all extremely busy individuals.  Today though we are giving you three essential tips to utterly annihilate all that you have to do! Time is of the essence so here are the three ways to get lots of work done: 1. Destroy All Distractions Distractions are everywhere and detract from your performance. […]

A gentleman’s watch is important, but you can only pick one watch to wear at any given time.  Picking a watch can be time-consuming (pun-intended) event, and you can only wear one watch at any given time.  Therefore, these are our recommendations of three watches that should be at the forefront of your list to […]

Entertainment is an exciting aspect of gatherings that can be the ice breaker for meeting new party guests.  If there are new guests that you’ve never met before, what better way to introduce yourselves than a fun and exciting board game.  We at the Minimalistic Gent recommend games that are both classic and easy to […]

As a gentleman, it is important to have something that you are passionate about.  Whatever you decide to pursue, it is pivotal to excel and dominate your sector of choice.  These are the three ways to be amazing at your passion: 1. Work Exceptionally Hard Greatness only comes from ridiculous work ethic.  If you want […]

Upkeep of your hygiene is important as a gentleman. 1. Unforgettable Cologne What better way to remember someone than the unique and expressive cologne that they wear.  Finding a cologne that matches both the season and your personal style can be tricky, but we suggest something as seductive and enveloping as Dior Sauvage! 2. High […]