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It’s kind of nice! After making a commitment to my health, I unhappily decided to make daily running a requirement.  30 minutes of brisk jogging in which my only validation of the time-lapsed would be a singular alarm that would cue when I could stop. Jogging at night is tranquil and peaceful.  Seeing the various […]

At one point in my life, I was convinced that I was a deficient writer! Throughout my schooling years, English was my worst subject.  As an adolescent, I had fallen into the trap of defining myself through the marks I received in that course, and had been thoroughly convinced that I would never be great […]

Some friendships are irreplaceable. I was 24 years old, embarking on a second study abroad experience in Korea.  Stepping off of the plane was exciting, and the range of anticipated thoughts of how the semester was going to pan out enveloped my mind. It was going to be an outstanding semester. Upon reaching the preplanned […]

At $180 a bottle, this better be good! After years of drinking the most inexpensive liquors available, I found myself curious as to the rationale of individuals buying these opulent liquors that cost exuberant amounts of money.  Enjoying a bit more disposable income than before, I delved into the world of Cognacs.  Beginning my journey, […]

Don’t ever do this! First off this combination of terms makes no logical sense, and unless you are prepping for a body building contest or embarking on a career important game the next day, you should never diet on this day.   If disallowing yourself the grandeurs of this holiday is so detrimental to your […]

When someone says they are going to do something, it might be in your self-interest to listen. When I was 8 years old, my Tuesday and Thursday nights were spent at the Aiea Hongwangji learning Karate. At the time, I had not known that my name was a nomenclature derived from the protagonist of the […]

Everyone should have the opportune to drive a luxury car. After driving a 2006 Honday CR-V for 11 years, the Audi A4 provided something more than a new way of traveling, it provided an experience. Sitting in the car now felt profoundly different as every new feature that I learned about became a new standard […]

Sometimes you meet the most benevolent of individuals. When I was in high school, I traversed predominantly by Hawaii’s cardinal public transportation service (aka the bus).  A teen ready to explore the world, I enjoyed the freedom to travel as I pleased, and I found solace in not yet having to understand the intricacies of […]

This is probably the most frequently asked question in contemporary society. WHERE DO YOU WORK? WHAT DO YOU DO? How I loathe that as an introductory statement to get to know another individual.  It is as if your job title/description utterly defines your very being. Usually when you ask this question it can be either […]