Our First Chuck E. Cheese Experience!

Chuck E. Cheese is a totally different experience when you are a parent!

After denying myself the full satisfaction of the recommended daily intake of carbs, I thought it would be a fantastic day to mess up my routine with some good ‘ol fashioned pizza.  As this is our day dedicated to fun and enjoyment, I thought why not embark on taking our son to his first experience at the new Chuck E. Cheese that opened in Kapolei.

Since this was a new location, it was exceptionally clean and packed full of children with their parents.  Bright neon lights were abundant, and the speaker system was constantly sharing the current activity occurring within the establishment.  After quickly munching on some pizza crust, our little one immediately took off in a frenzy to join in on the excitement of the other children.  Running from video game machine to miniature ride in an instant, our son was in a state of total excitement which brought the biggest smile to my face.

Throughout the time in that location, I kept reminiscing of birthday parties where parents put the entirety of their focus on making your little one feel exceptionally special.  Now as a parent myself, I can’t wait for the days to bring that same big smile to our son’s face when his birthday arrives!

In our youth, we look forward to Chuck E. Cheese as a place to eat pizza and spend copious amounts of time playing their various video games.  As a parent though, Check E. Cheese is completely different, and it makes me excited for the future to take as many opportunities as possible to show my son how truly special he is!

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