Christmas: Another Day At Practice!

Practice… even on Christmas day!

In my youth, I remember wanting, above all else, to truly excel at my craft of bboying (breakdancing).  With such fervor in my heart, I was convinced that this would be my ultimate calling in life, and I dedicated myself to fully immersing myself in the dance style.

Few truly understood this crazy obsession, except another dedicated individual by the name of Mario.  Back in those days, I remember him always being the quiet person in the corner who had such a high level of skill in the dance style that none could even hope to match his prowess.  He was that silent bboy assassin that would show up to practice and utterly crush anyone who challenged him.  As I was just starting out in my dance journey, I found it awe-inspiring to see him perform all of these wildly difficult moves in such a facile manner. 

A year had gone by, and I became a regular at the Aiea recreation center.  This was the venue where we all practiced, and I had become obsessed with becoming better.  I had always admired Mario’s tenacity at the dance style, and I eventually became a frequent visitor whom would practice every single day the recreation center was open.  

Towards the end of the year, the holidays rolled around, and fewer and fewer people were coming to the gym. Due to the busyness of the season, many elected to focus on other avenues of their life, and the recreation center became empty towards the ending of December.  To this day, I vividly remember Christmas of that year.  I walked in fully ready to practice by myself, only to see Mario as the only person dedicated enough to be there on this day usually reserved for loved ones.  

After a year of knowing this person, I had never once engaged in a conversation with him, but today that ended.  Out of mutual respect for each other, I recall our first conversation being about the utter disbelief we each had that another was here to practice on Christmas day.  Since that day, 10 years ago, he has become a valued friend who constantly provides inspiration to me on a daily basis.

Two crazy, obsessed individuals gathered on Christmas years ago because of the unfathomable work ethic that they both possessed.  

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