Tour Guide

When people come to visit, show them around!

The hospitality that I had received when studying abroad in Korea was unforgettable to say the least.  Long nights were spent drinking hefty amounts of soju with enough Korean bbq to warrant me checking into the hospital to check for coronary heart disease.  Needless to say, I was excited to return the favor when my dancer friend Bboy Orange came to Hawaii.

He visited the islands for his lovely honeymoon, and he was thrilled to experience a bit of Hawaii’s Hip-Hop culture while on the islands.  Although from a completely different culture, once he met the dancers, it was easy to connect with everyone due to the singular dance style that bonded us all.  

We spent the entire day visiting various temples and points of interest of Hawaii, and although my Korean was limited (after not speaking it for several years), we managed to converse on simplistic topics.  Time went by extremely quickly as we enjoyed various sites and bantered on fun topics. Even though we hadn’t seen each other for years, we quickly caught up. Years instead felt like weeks as we reminisced at the good times we enjoyed in Korea.

Finally, we ended the night with a large meal at a local bbq eatery which provided ample amounts of sake for us to enjoy.  As we became more inebriated, the language barrier we previously had seemed to dissipate, and all-in-all this was an amazing day spent with a dear friend whom I had not seen in years.

Whenever someone offers you unforgettable hospitality, always return the favor and show them around your hometown when they visit!

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