I Hated Writing!

At one point in my life, I was convinced that I was a deficient writer!

Throughout my schooling years, English was my worst subject.  As an adolescent, I had fallen into the trap of defining myself through the marks I received in that course, and had been thoroughly convinced that I would never be great at the intricacies of writing.  As a consistent B student, English courses would always be at the lower spectrum of my grades, and I would find some obscure way to barely make it to a C-.

Fast forward to 2008, I was entering community college for my first semester.  Mrs. Levy was notorious for being an extremely stringent teacher who had such extortionate standards that classes of 35 would be reduced to a mere five students (she coined those individuals survivors).  I didn’t know it at the time, but I was in for a rough first semester of college.

What changed in college was my personal endeavor to change my persona of a B student to a phenomenal A student, and I would do whatever it took to attain that feat during my new beginnings at college.  After immense amounts of hard work, Mrs. Levy imbued a strong set of methodologies to enhance your writing.  Her standards were high, but the level of commitment she made to her students were unheard of.

I survived her course through sheer tenacity, and after the semester was over, I managed to reach my goal of achieving an A.  Weeks after receiving the exemplary mark, I get an e-mail from Mrs. Levy suggesting I become a writing tutor at the community college to improve my own personal writing.  Her e-mail was something to the effect of, “Daniel, you are at best a B level writer, and it was your handwork that saw you through this class.  If you decide to take the opportunity to be a writing tutor, I can see you one day becoming an A level writer.” 

So a tutor I became, and what an experience it was.  It shifted my mindset to that of someone who could write with confidence, and although I am still not where I want to be in my writing, pure determination is on my side.

After this experience, I owe Mrs. Levy a tremendous amount of gratitude.  She changed my personal perspective on who I was as a person, and showed me the results of having sincere concern for the success of your students.

Change your own personal definitions of who you are! You have the choice to be the expert at whatever you choose, if you are audacious enough to work for it.

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