Broken Tooth

When someone says they are going to do something, it might be in your self-interest to listen.

When I was 8 years old, my Tuesday and Thursday nights were spent at the Aiea Hongwangji learning Karate. At the time, I had not known that my name was a nomenclature derived from the protagonist of the Karate Kid (circa 1984), but I spent months honing my craft.

It had been a year of training, and I had become accustomed to this weekly routine after school.  One day, an interesting occurrence happened, and I was feeling oddly rambunctious and wily for some reason.

Another child, Matt was hard at work practicing his routine with a bo, or staff, and I had this strange inclination to bother him.  While interrupting his concentration, he had uttered the simple phrases, “go away or I’ll hit you.”  

Usually, this would be the part of the story where you see the error of your ways and leave.  Instead, I decided to nudge him on, and BAM! I was hit in the face by a staff, chipping my newly formed permanent tooth.  To this day, I have a porcelain veneer on my front left tooth which is a reminder of this bold fact.

If someone says they are going to do something, it would be in your best interest to listen!

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