Audi A4

Everyone should have the opportune to drive a luxury car.

After driving a 2006 Honday CR-V for 11 years, the Audi A4 provided something more than a new way of traveling, it provided an experience. Sitting in the car now felt profoundly different as every new feature that I learned about became a new standard that I would require in my future cars.  The leather interior was exceptionally comfortable and the attention-to-detail was impeccably done to show the craftsmanship of the German automobile.

The speed of this vehicle was unparalleled, and personal testing found this car well capable of reaching 110 mph (that’s as fast as I was willing to go for fear of incarceration).  The new perspective on driving that I received from this new car was immense, and it changed me forever.  From a simple change of vehicle, I found that driving can be a fun and exciting experience.

If you’re not enjoying your daily commute, you are driving the wrong car!

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