The Kindness of Strangers

Sometimes you meet the most benevolent of individuals.

When I was in high school, I traversed predominantly by Hawaii’s cardinal public transportation service (aka the bus).  A teen ready to explore the world, I enjoyed the freedom to travel as I pleased, and I found solace in not yet having to understand the intricacies of driving.

Back when the bus cost a mere 100 pennies, I was always keen to remember to either have significant pocket change or a few dollars handy for the fare.  Unfortunately, one Saturday I forgot to restock those funds and merely had a $20 bill in my wallet.

After utilizing my transfer pass and arriving at the bus stop, I was remiss to find that I didn’t have a suitable way to pay for my final bus fare to get home.  $20 was a significant amount of money for me at the time, and I was saddened to find that there were no bus driver that could offer change.  In addition, I found no shame in asking others at the bus stop to see if others could help my situation.  Buses passed by, and I was a young kid asking everyone if they had change for $20.

Eventually giving up and ready to hand over $20 to the bus driver for a single ride, I asked one more individual.  Although this man did not have change, he held a dollar out to me to catch the next bus while rushing to his next destination.  His only words were a hurried, “You know what? Here you go kid; get home safe.”

Where many had shooed me away, this one man showed incredible consideration and selflessness.  It was only a dollar to him, but it meant the world to me that day.

Never forget the kindness of strangers!

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