Where Do You Work?

This is probably the most frequently asked question in contemporary society.


How I loathe that as an introductory statement to get to know another individual.  It is as if your job title/description utterly defines your very being.

Usually when you ask this question it can be either out of pure curiosity or a methodology to rank how you stack against the individual you just met.  I find the latter to be more often true unfortunately and we utilize this question as a means of finding personal solace in how you are doing in society.  

As an individual who truly believes in dressing for success, I am often caught wearing my Brooks Brothers suit complimented by a flamboyant pocket square.  The amount of times individuals have stopped to ask me what I do is multitudinous, and the conversation usually journeys into banter that is less about who I am and more about my career choices.

If you truly want to be seen as a curious character that is affable and jovial… don’t ask another individual where they work.  Challenge yourself to avoid this question entirely, and find more interesting topics to discuss.


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