Jade Dynasty

Exemplary Eateries

An original series that anatomizes opulent eateries of first-class magnificence

Often riddled with views of similarly constructed venues derivative in flavor conformity, restaurants at your local mall aren’t always known for exploring the splendors of prodigious food.  Located in the epicenter of the capital of Hawaii’s haute culture, Jade Dynasty is positioned distinctly at the Ala Moana Shopping Center and forces an amendment to the value proposition of shopping center restaurants.  The grandeur of exceptional seafood prodigiously crafted into minuscule masterpieces is both deeply alluring and heavily captivating.  Adornments provide an air of sophisticated magnificence with decor that takes notes to the zeitgeist of Chinese culture, and the timeliness of their service enables one to enjoy superlative cuisine speedily.  With a specialty in Dim Sum,a facet of Chinese cuisine noted for steamed or fried dumplings filled with a diverse amount of ingredients, Jade Dynasty provides a much needed exceptional outlet for those seeking plentiful sustenance with luscious, palatable food.


A pictorial menu provides a visual aid to a plethora of delicatessens with a myriad of ingredients.  Enough to spur a ravenous, covetous desire for immediate service, Jade Dynasty delivers upon the perpetual demands of guests.  Despite the unbelievable cacophony of individuals, there is a feeling of organized chaos with servers and food runners communicating seamlessly through an earpiece.  We never felt unattended, and the wait staff showed unprecedented coordination that made our experience remarkable. A true example of streamlined efficiency, the populous restaurant runs in a hasty manner that can handle the swarm of guests that come with insatiable appetites.  Placing an order is a facile experience requiring little interaction, and an elegantly placed clipboard and pencil is provided; listing over 100 items that can be ordered forthwith.  Although some may despise the lack of introductory conveyance, we found it systematically methodical and effective with our food coming posthaste upon delivery of our order.


Arriving almost instantaneously, we were pleasantly admonished by the profusion of carefully integrated flavors reminiscent of sumptuous hors d’oeuvre.  Unlike an appetizer though, the fleeting feeling of anticipation was never dismissed as these dishes continually encouraged our minds to wander into contemplative fantasies as to which delectable concoction would arrive next.  The crumbly, crunchy taste of the hearty deep fried taro puffs were unexpectedly offset by the sharp tastes of the elegantly bundled signature shrimp dumplings.  The mochi rice with dried scallop and chicken offered a vigorous, scrumptious base to the subtly rich and signature flavors of the shrimp look fun. Often, we would be remiss in ordering multiple items containing a singular ingredient, such as shrimp, but all of the dishes had dissimilar flavors that caused us to revel in the miscellany of tastes. Ending our meal on a sugary note, we ended with a Chinese egg tart which was composed of a flaky crusty exterior lusciously filled with deep velvety custard that provided the perfect conclusion to our captivating meal.


A delicious experience filled with fond memories, Jade Dynasty provided us with a posh meal in an expedited manner that allowed us to truly relish in the superb flavors accompanied by marvelous service.  Purveyors of Chinese cuisine, Jade Dynasty provides a paradigm shift in the beliefs associated with food located at the mall.  The exceptional dim sum at Jade Dynasty exemplifies that expeditious service does not need to be a compromise to the production of delicious food, and we look forward to our next visit.  The Minimalistic Gent recognizes Jade Dynasty Seafood Restaurant as an exemplary eatery and can not wait to hear of your experience at this restaurant of opulence!


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