The Contemporary Significance of Punctuality

Punctuality is a key defining characteristic of a gentleman. Understanding this truth will enable you to maximize your personal endeavors and allow you to exude impeccable class. 

King Louis the XVIII of France historically said, “Punctuality is the politeness of kings.”  The perpetuity of time is absolute, and a true gentleman will maximize their efficiency because they know that time is a facet of life that can never be recovered.  A precious commodity that is finite in its composition, those that regard the time of others as a precious luxury empowers them further opportunities improve relations with others.

IMG_7703.jpegBeing the gentleman who commits to the act of promptness will imbue a phenomenal first impression on those he meets. Valuing the time of others is interpreted through your daily behavior and the exertion you exhibit to be prompt when attending appointments.  The interpretation of being on time to meetings can be construed in various ways such as the idea of being “fashionably” late, but make no mistake.  People value punctuality whether they explicitly say it or not. It is a respectable trait that will garner recognition from your peers, making them see you as the responsible and trustworthy person that you are.  Your reputation is only as good as your effort, and you do not want to be misconstrued as the individual who is always tardy and does not value the time of others.  Be the gentleman that is apt at timeliness, and your monumental reputation will be held in high regard.


Unfortunately, tardiness is now the status quo in our contemporary society; with the cancelation of appointments being all too common.  A gentleman though is unconventional and is not your everyday person; understanding that the time of others is just as important as his own.  People admire those that are punctual, and truly enjoy setting up appointments with them. The backbone of becoming the illustrious opportunist whom receives invitations from others relies on your commitment to timeliness and attendance.  Therefore, the reputation you garner from others is a consequential byproduct of your daily operation.  When others understand who you are and what you value, they will be more inclined to invite you to events because they know you perpetuate punctuality.  Extraordinary individuals are remarkably well at inspiring others, so be the astounding person who is always on time and others will respect your prominence as a gentleman.


Devotion to attending scheduled meetings is equally as important as the punctuality you commit to.  Punctuality is rendered meaningless on your renowned stature if you are known as the person who cancels his arrangements when another opportunity arises. A true gentleman knows that his word is his bond and will do everything he can to make it to his engagements which will further your acclaimed reputation in society.   We are in an era where opportunities come in droves, and it can be easy to lose sight of your planned activities.  Committing to the promises you make to others is a true mark of a gentleman and only by exerting effort to being present can you build your legacy.


In your pursuit of becoming an illustrious gentleman, it is important to be punctual and present at all of the appointments you commit to.  Perpetuating the true essence of a gentleman can only be accomplished through regular exertion towards meeting your obligations which will build your status.  The prestige of a gentleman is garnered through constant action, and your dedication to the time of others will memorialize your character and reputation.  King Louis XVIII understood that timeliness is the mark of royalty, so be the monarch that values time and conquer your ambitions!

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