Empowerment Through Distinctive Style

A true practitioner of the Minimalistic Gent lifestyle has an eclectic yet timeless sense of fashion in all that he does.  By understanding the fundamentals of fashion while offering a twist on the historical garb of triumphant individuals, you will awe and inspire others to empower themselves with their own methodology of dress. 

“I’m not the kind of person who tries to be cool or trendy.  I’m definitely an individual” (Leonardo DiCaprio).  It is imperative, as a gentleman, to be an awe-inspiring individual who’s sense of style galvanizes others to refine their own personal fashion. Having an encyclopedic knowledge of the various style cues of the ideal gentleman ensures that you are able to comprehend the quintessential elements of dress while allowing yourself the freedom to transfigure outfits of old into contemporary masterpieces.  As a gentleman of class, you understand that there is an art to subtleness, and your own perspectives on style will portray the man of chivalry that you are.


Understanding the zeitgeist of gentleman fashion is the first step to finding your own interpretations.  Although you may not fully follow out-dated trends, knowing and understanding their prominence in history allows you the mastery of a true connoisseur of fashion.  The three-piece suit is still the epitome of manliness and it will never be unstylish, but understanding what elements make a great suit are important to capitalizing on this exemplary style.  Dating as far back as the early 1900’s during the Regency era, it can be clearly seen that some styles will always be relevant in the realm of menswear.


Taking the initiative to be a practitioner of unique style starts with history and is followed by personal preference.  Minute modifications into your classical style will lead to wondrous variations that are explicitly noticeable.  The impeccable details are crucial to enable you to stay away from gaudy, ostantatious elements that do not exude your personal style.  Assertive understanding of your own personal self is key to making the small refinements in your daily dress; whether it be simplistic additions such as a signet ring or a tie bar.  Minuscule changes make the world of difference when it comes to portraying a confident and divergent personal sense of style.


Finding what works for your own daily cultivation of style is a process riddled in a trial-and-error approach. Only by having supreme self confidence will one be able to venture into unfamiliar fashion choices.  Feedback from your peers can be a tremendous source of extraordinary value in this facet of life.  The vocal opinions of others can help to mitigate fashion choices that you are not completely comfortable with, but you need to be wary in understanding the clear difference between constructive criticism and negative belittlement.


The path to a phenomenal sense of fashion that will rouse others to internalize a yearning for betterment is an ongoing one.  True gentleman are always impeccably dressed and only by truly understanding the elements of menswear, can you maximize your style potentials.

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