A Gentleman Gone Too Early: Mac Miller Rest in Peace


“A lotus flower shines most beautiful in the murkiest of waters” Mac Miller explains when describing his prominent neck tattoo.  Malcom James “Mac Miller” McCormick was a gentleman whom battled tremendous adversities while keeping a sensible and inspiring attitude towards life.  Infamous for being a slick lyricist who smoothly rapped about the more visceral aspects of his life, Mac Miller was a self-taught musician who was proficient at the piano, guitar, drums, and bass. A true purveyor and lover of hip-hop, pragmatic is hardly the word ever seen in the same sentence as Mac Miller.  An atypical and perplexing individual who was never afraid to be himself, his imprudent light-hearted comments rarely disappointed in bringing an exuberant smile to the other party.  Allowing himself to accept his own personal faults, Mac Miller signaled an honest and enjoyable atmosphere that others admired.


Starting at the age of 15 Mac Miller started rapping at a young age, becoming insanely devoted to becoming an aficionado of Hip Hop.  Despite the ostentatious amounts of dismissive comments based from  race-related detestation, Mac Miller was able to absolve himself of the deficient disparages that belittled his devotion to his craft.   Friends recalled him being present at school but his justification for attendance was not under the pretext of the formal education system of school.  Instead, he displayed his conviction to rap by utilizing school as a medium to promote his passions to other students.   The dedication that Mac Miller displayed at a young age molded him into the diligent rap persona that thrived on when he reached adult-hood.


A gentleman at heart, Mac Miller distinguished himself by being self-aware of his personal struggles and life perspective. As a man not afraid to discuss his personal short-comings Mac Miller understood himself as a work in progress.   His deep appreciation of the level of success he received was well understood, and his down-to-earth attitude exemplified his personal confidence in everything he did.  Evident in his composure and extremely powerful work ethic, Mac Miller differentiated from others by being audacious enough to exemplify his unfiltered self and allowing others to evaluate their thoughts on him.  A well-dressed individual who was well-versed in the arts of Hip Hop, Mac Miller’s grungy casual style reflected his care free attitude in life; a key component to his gentleman style.


Stemmed from feelings of loneliness and unhappiness, Mac Miller had a constantly vocalized battle with drug usage which led to his untimely passing.  Although he was an outlandish individual who was flamboyant and unconventional, he was an avant-garde presence in the Hip Hop community.  By exemplifying the fearlessness of being bold and removing the need to filter yourself in modern society, Mac Miller exemplified what it meant to be an individual.  A true gentleman who found his life passion, Mac Miller’s music will continue to resonate with individuals embodying the gallantry of being one’s self in all aspects of life.

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