3 Random Acts That Will Exude The Gentleman Lifestyle!

The gentleman lifestyle is extremely desirable for a variety of people.  The aura of a dependable, enigmatic, and respectful individual can be a valuable persona that will enable you to easier meet new individuals.  In pursuit of this perception from others, there are small steps that you can take to become the noble gentleman you desire to be. These are the three random things you can do to take the first step towards gent status:


1. Keep Your Car Clean

Both inside and out, keeping your car clean shows people your attention to detail and commitment to cleanliness.  Although they may not explicitly say it, others judge you on the upkeep of your daily driven vehicle.  Messiness is often viewed negatively in other’s minds which leads to a feeling of irresponsibility.  It definitely is a shallow way to look at things, which we do not support, but it is something that is meaningful especially when meeting new individuals.  A gentleman can be ostentatious and ferocious in life but also possess cleanliness that is impeccable.


2. Offer Compliments

In today’s society, offering compliments can be seen as intrusive and littered with ulterior motives.  That should not be the case, and offering genuine commendations can help brighten up someone else’s day.  Do be careful to only offer true remarks that you stand behind because no one enjoys flattering remarks that have no substance behind them.  By giving false compliments, you will be known as the man who is inauthentic and sly which will push others to not believe in anything you say. Strive to compliment at least one person a day on something that you believe is deserving of it, and you will find that other’s outlook on your personality changes positively. Part of a gentleman’s legend is that he always knows how to make others feel great about themselves.


3. Keep Commitments

Contemporary society is riddled with opportunities at every turn and a missed appointment is all too common these days.  It is all too common for others to make obligations and then quickly cancel once a better option opens up.  Don’t be known as the guy who you can never be trusted to keep commitments.  Instead, be known as the gent who’s word is his bond and can be trusted to be at his committed appointments on time. A gentleman keeps track of his schedule and puts his commitments on a pedestal that must be met.

Therefore, taking these small steps and pursuing the gentleman lifestyle will enable more opportunities to find their way towards you.  The road to becoming a gent may be a long one, but taking the first leap towards self improvement will be definitely worth it at the end.  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and stay tuned for more daily blogs from the Minimalistic Gent!

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