3 Techniques To Minimize Your Possessions!

Getting rid of items is essential to living the Minimalistic Gent lifestyle! How you go about doing that though can be a daunting process with no clear beginning.  Taking the first step is pivotal in maximizing your life and reaching the potential that you deserve to attain. These are the three techniques we believe are the most effective in minimizing your possessions:


1.Set A Space Limit!

One way to easily decipher what can stay in your list of possessions is having a spatial limit as to what can go where.  If you let yourself only have a set amount of closet space, it will be an easily quantifiable amount.  Even a list of how many items you can keep will ensure you stick to your minimizing goal (example could be that you can only have seven shirts).  The limit you set is extremely flexible but starting with that would ensure efficiency.


2. Minimize Over A Time Period (not one sitting)!

Like any life goal this is not a sprint but a marathon.  Being a minimalist is a drastically different life decision, and you shouldn’t be afraid to slowly reduce your items.  A good tip of mine is to go through the week and see what items are not utilized.  Any item that hasn’t been used during that time period is unnecessary in your daily life, and you will have an easier time ridding yourself of that product.  Habits form over a period of time.   It is easier to allow yourself to work over an extended period than to pressure yourself to purge everything in one sitting.


3. Let Go and Donate!

Helping let go and donating can be beneficial to others as well.  Keeping the altruistic portion of this lifestyle change can help you get rid of things quicker and easier.  Donating items is an amazing gesture that could potentially change someone else’s life.  Small acts of kindness make the world of difference and donating will build your sense of selflessness and is key to the gentleman lifestyle!

There are techniques that will help you on this journey of minimalistic behaviors.  This lifestyle change that may be extreme to some, but the benefits are immense.  Being clutter free and living with less items is your choice and it will set you up to be the best gentleman you can be!

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