Life of a Gent: The Ambitious Visionary


An original series exploring distinct gentleman in contemporary society.


Exploring distinct ways to impact our future generation is an ambitious yet worthwhile endeavor. To edify the next of kin in an impactful way can be an arduous task that takes the utmost patience. Thomas de Castro who goes by the moniker “Tom Solo” is in the illustrious career of promoting and creating venues for dancers of a younger generation to pursue their passions.


Growing up Thomas was a successful curator of the b-boy (breakdancing) style and was characterized by his stylistically complex movements that were flawlessly executed in a consistent manner. Starting his career off as a dancer though was faced with many challenges as “there just wasn’t the support that there is now for supporting an unconventional path.” This would lead the way to his current pursuit in the Breaks R4 Kids program aimed at providing parents a supportive all encapsulating class that is systematically catered to educate their children in a positive and supportive environment.  As a father of two, he is extremely adept at being compassionate and insightful on the needs of the children in his program while still providing progress reports and benchmarks that quantitatively show growth to parents.


A gentleman is exactly the title that a man of his stature should receive.  When asked what it means to be a gentleman, he casually responded,”a gentleman is an individual that fully understands the premises of the grind.”  In his words, a gentleman is someone that understands the essence of hard work and is able to characterize his energy into an extremely positive force to attain his goals.  Although he loves to stay comfortable and dress casually, he is well aware of the need to dress well when the situation arises.  “I don’t even set my watch sometimes, and it’s more for the inferred characteristics of those that wear watches.  Being on time and looking the part is key to successful interactions with others,” says Thomas.


Looking forward, Thomas is extremely eager on his expansion of reach thru opening the new Breaks R4 Kids venues.  Opening up locations in both Hawaii Kai and Kaneohe of Hawaii has allowed him to increase his reach tenfold to a larger community.  Leaving an impact on the future generation and providing an avenue for them to pursue their endeavors is both a rewarding and powerful career choice.  The Minimalistic Gent recognizes Thomas de Castro as a purveyor of what it means to be a true gentleman, and his Breaks R4 Kids program is a testament to what hard work and a robust idea can come together and create something phenomenal!


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