5 Grooming Items Every Gentleman Needs!

Upkeep of your hygiene is important as a gentleman.

1. Unforgettable Cologne

What better way to remember someone than the unique and expressive cologne that they wear.  Finding a cologne that matches both the season and your personal style can be tricky, but we suggest something as seductive and enveloping as Dior Sauvage!

2. High Quality Razor

Whether you have a tried and hardened beard  or a clean cut face, shaving is an essential of our morning routine.  Therefore, a shaver with multiple settings is important to ensure it is both a simple and effective endeavor every morning!

3. Deep Cleansing Face Wash

At the end of our showers, we highly recommend a deep cleaning face wash. Not only does it feel good and refreshing, this essential item helps to get rid of dreaded black heads and blemishes. This clay wash from Shiseido has been more than adequate for the job, and we recommend this triple deep cleaning cleanser for your daily upkeep!

4. Long Lasting Hair Wax

Depending on your hair type and needs, you will need a high quality hair product to look your best on the daily.  Having your hair look great can be an art in itself, but we like to keep things simple with a hair wax that lasts all day.  Therefore, hair products that can keep up with your activities are crucial.


5. Effective Tooth Brush

Think of how many times you brush your teeth in a day.  Multiply that into a whole year, and you can understand how important a well built toothbrush is. This is definitely not an item to skimp on, and you owe it to yourself to buy a high quality one!

Hygiene is important in every gentleman’s daily routine, and these are some of the items that we at Minimalistic Gent recommend!


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