5 Signs You Are A Minimalistic Gent!

Are you looking for like minded individuals whom are both extremely driven and want the best out of life? Minimalistic Gent is about maximizing the person you are through minimalistic tendencies.  Here are themain symptoms that you are a Minimalistic Gent:

IMG_6484.JPG1. You hate clutter

One of the most pivotal signs that you are a practitioner of the Minimalistic Gent movement is that you dislike anything that is disorganized and messy. You are the person that loves to wake up to a clean and tidy room, and anything less causes a discord in the effectiveness of your day. You are willing to live with less to achieve the goal of an organized and efficient lifestyle!


2. You Appreciate the Finer Things In Life!

You are known as the “fancy” one in your inner circle of friends.  Sometimes those with smaller mindsets ridicule you for the “excessive” prices you pay for items.  You have a keen eye for quality when it is put in front of you, but you are meticulous on choosing what to own.  You don’t make a lot of purchases, but when you do they are quality and informed decisions that provide value that is well worth the price.


3.  You Maximize Your Time

The greatest commodity that can never be replaced is time, and you know it. Time is always ticking, and you are a restless soul that needs to get everything done. Maximizing your time is pivotal in your daily life and your busy schedule is a testament to that!


4. The Gentleman Lifestyle Interests You!

Dressing impeccable is a key to your everyday motif. You know that well placed manners and the way you carry yourself are the greatest reflections of your character. Rudeness is not tolerated and you are not afraid to speak your mind when confronted.


5. Everything You Do Is Done With Extra Care!

You understand that being perfect isn’t always possible, but you know that exceptional work and outstanding performance is what separates you from others!  Sometimes you can be known as a perfectionist, but you are willing to accept that mistakes can be insightful lessons.

In conclusion, if you exhibit these traits you are definitely a Minimalistic Gent tried and true.  Together we will enable you to be the best gentleman you can be with less clutter and maximize your lifestyle.

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