5 Essentials For The Active Gentleman!

Let’s face it, we are all busy individuals! Making time for the gym may be the last thing on many of your minds, but it is important to take care of your body to stay efficient and effective in all that you do. Personally, I am a self-diagnosed “gym-aholic,” and my day doesn’t start until I hit the weights. Therefore, these are five of the essentials that the active gentleman needs when he hits the gym!

1. Excellent Pair of Contemporary Shoes

Before, I was an insane sneaker head; needing to have every shoe in every color way available. These days though I have learnt that 146 pairs of shoes does not always equate to an essential collection that is functional. Therefore, find yourself a good gym shoe that is comfortable and looks great. You’ll never know who you might meet in the gym, so put your best foot forward and choose a great looking shoe such as these Nike Vapor Max. They are both comfortable and fashion forward to look great at the gym.

2. Noise Canceling Earphones

My biggest obstacle to success in the gym has been small talk with others.  Although it can lead to great networking opportunities, sometimes you just need noise canceling earphones to drown out all of the noise in the gym.  A great workout for me involves putting on my headphones and putting in an hour work of weights nonstop.  Also, not all headphones are created equal, so find one that is exceptional in quality such as these Bose Quiet Comfort 35 Wireless Headphones.  Wireless headphones are also pivotal because it allows you to put your phone into your bag to further minimize distractions!

3. Comfortable Gym Attire

If shoes are the first step to any great outfit, clothes are definitely the next pivotal part of looking like a professional at the gym. Nike Tech Fleece comes to mind when it comes to technologically advanced clothing.  This Tech Fleece is extremely durable and is made to be wearable in all types of conditions.  Do yourself a favor and keep your wardrobe minimal with pieces that have large amounts of research put into them.

4. Multi-use Bag

When I am focusing on my workout, I personally keep my pockets free of anything.  The amount of times that either my keys or phone fell out of my pocket while on the bench press are insurmountable. Therefore, having a bag can alleviate this issue to further help your workout come along.  A nice and simple bag like this one offers an easy way to transport all of your belongings while offering a minimalistic aesthetics that others will take note of as well.

5. Home Gym

To save even more time, it may be more beneficial for some of you to just buy workout equipment that can be set up at home. If your housing situation allows for enough space to have equipment installed, this could be an ideal way to start or end your day. Completing a workout in the morning leaves me wide awake and heavily energized for my busy day, while completing a workout at night leaves me exhausted and ready for a night of deep sleep.  Installing this equipment can make your days become instantly more efficient and can lead to great productivity feats at a small price.

These are the top five items that an active gentleman needs in his life.  Despite our busy schedules, make the time to exercise and stay healthy.  This is key to your productivity and will lead to a more successful lifestyle!

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