5 Ways A Modern Gentleman Can Stand Out In Society!

Eclectic, distinct, and anomalous were not always words associated with our gentleman forefathers before us.  In a modern day though it is crucial in becoming the distinct individual that others perceive in a positive yet unique way.  Being unafraid of the idiosyncrasies of your own lifestyle is paramount in becoming the best version of yourself in modern society.  Therefore, these are the five ways a gentleman can project himself in contemporary society:


1. Embrace Your Hobbies and Passions!

Many of us have something that we are either passionate about or really enjoy doing.  For many though, they are still lost in finding what really enriches their life; they feel lost. Unfortunately, a lot of individuals turn to ridicule and anger to demean the hobbies and passions of others.  Do not let the naysayers halt what you have set out to do! Standing out as an individual often comes with dismissive comments and contemptuous behaviors towards your accomplishments.  Embrace yourself as you are and you will soar high above the small minded individuals that would hold you back!


2. Practice Exceptional Mannerisms

It goes without saying that being a gentleman means having phenomenal manners that sets him apart from others.  Over time, the way gentleman have conducted themselves has changed.  I am a huge proponent for forward thinking, but I do believe that many of the tried and true rules of etiquette can be still applied today in a modern society (holding the door open for someone will never go out of style).  The way you carry yourself will remain in the minds of those that you meet, so stand out as a true gentleman and wow them with your manners.


3. Keep Your Home Minimal and Classy

Welcoming company to your home is always an exciting experience for anyone.  Keeping your item count low but prioritizing on quality furniture and appliances will ensure your house is maintained thoroughly without expensing too much time.  Guests will love the wide open spaces of your minimal room and will be impressed by your attention to cleanliness; seen throughout the house.  This ensures a quality and memorable experience that will inspire others and set you apart from other gents.


4. Dress Unforgettably Well

Tom Ford advises that “dressing well is a form of good manners.” To stand out from the rest, treat every outing as an event.  Being known as the well-dressed individual among your inner circle of friends is the ideal moniker you should receive.  People will notice the almost effortless way you dress and will be inspired to take pride in their presentation.  Dressing well does not always mean a three-piece suit though. Dressing according to the occasion and having a small rotation of outfits for practical situations is key in dressing in an unforgettable fashion.


5. Continue to Strive for More

Complacency is settling for what you have accomplished and being content with your style of life.  Do not let complacency set in! A gentleman can stand out from society by being the beacon of zealous purpose.  Strive through the struggle and tribulations that come with having the courage to do something amazing, and you will eventually be rewarded for your pains.  Settling is what the majority will do because it is safe and secure.  To stand out as a gentleman in contemporary society, you will have to do more. Even just striving to be a little bit better at some aspect of your life on an everyday basis will ensure that you will continue to become closer to all of your goals.

Standing out as a modern gentleman can be both frightening and stressful.  I am assured though that these tips will ensure true happiness and self-awareness if you have the courage and perseverance needed to weather whatever happened to you.  Believe in your own inner strength to reach for your goals and maximize your life as a gentleman!


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