3 Reasons You NEED A Watch!

What is the one quintessential piece that any gentleman needs in his possession? This question has been asked since the dawn of time, and we are no more closer to the answer than our forefathers before us. Alas, today I argue in favor of a simple chronological piece that adorns the wrist of many. Today we’re talking watches (cue Ben Clymer’s voice).


Reason #1: Watches allude to timeliness and punctuality.

A gentleman always arrives early to the party. Punctuality is a key component to showing others your sophistication and maturity when it comes to promises. Sometimes it seems as if time is passing by at an extraordinary rate, and there is never enough time to get everything done. Although many fall into this trap, if you make a promise to be at a certain place, be there. Make the time to be early because noone likes to wait (especially that beautiful girl you just met from the coffee shop). Watches are an indication of this attentiveness to punctuality; a key ingredient to making amazing first impressions.


Reason #2: A watch is a standalone accessory

Minimalistic Gent prides itself on making becoming a gentleman easy. I’m a very simple person, and having a watch provides that little bit of uniqueness to any outfit I am going to wear. Personally, I don’t wear any jewelry outside of this piece, so I make sure I get a watch that screams my personality. To minimize the insane thought processes needed to accessorize appropriately for each occasion, stick to a watch.


Reason #3: Watches have historical importance.

Watches can connect us to a generation before us, and it can connect to future generations. Lineage comes into play and what better way to connect on your sons 18th birthday, than to give him your prized and coveted watch! Passing watches through the generations can be a new and exciting family tradition that will ensure your accomplishments will go on in history for years to come!


Therefore, these are among some of the many reasons that you NEED a watch on your wrist. As a gentleman it’s important to have a watch that shows you value time. It’s a great addition to all of your wardrobe and will be the statement piece that helps you meet future clients and maybe that cute girl from the coffee shop!

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