Can You Be a Minimalist and Like Luxury Items?



The biggest question that I receive on this page is how can you be a minimalist if you buy luxury items? Everyone has a different interpretation of what it means to be a minimalist, but I think we can all agree that it is living with less clutter to help minimize the stress in our lives. In my interpretation of minimalism, I believe that we can own less things which will put a greater emphasis on the value of all of the things that we do decide to keep.


As an avid and recovering addict to collecting, I found it extremely difficult to still find satisfaction in totally getting rid of all of my things. Therefore, I found the balance that stuck with me on how to be what I call a “minimalist collector.” This is a collection based on quality rather than quantity, and all of the pieces have a great story or reason for remaining (my David Yurman skull ring has become a statement piece that I wear every single day because of the unique waves and the black diamond eyes it contains).  Here is my interpretation of a minimalist jewelry collection:


All of these items have an integral part in my wardrobe and can be interchanged for various styles.

Therefore, I believe you can definitely enjoy luxury items and be a minimalist. As long as you put an emphasis on the art, design, and quality of items, you can still enjoy them. Don’t be afraid of nice things, but find a great balance of what you enjoy that will not clutter up your life!

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