5 Sunglasses Every Man Should Own!

Sunglasses are the utilitarian fashion item that can take an outfit to unprecedented levels. Your choice though will dictate how you are perceived by others.  Transcending the bounds of being just protection for your eyes, sunglasses provide an air of mystery to the person behind the shades.  Therefore, these are the five sunglasses that are not only effective on UV rays but offer up distinct cues as to the sophisticated and perplexing person that you are:

Persol offers handcrafted classically styles sunglasses that was once catered for pilots and race car drivers.  The company is based in Italy and their iconic pieces are cherished by huge name celebrities around the world.  Without being ostentatious, these sunglasses offer huge value for the price that they are.  What better way to show that you  are an extremely stylish gentleman with a keen eye for quality and craftsmanship than to wear a pair of Persol sunglasses.  Whether you are James Bond or Steve Mcqueen, you can be sure that these shades with transform the image other’s see when your name comes up.

2. Dior

The world of high fashion is a unique journey of twists and turns of trending articles over seasonal periods.  These Dior sunglasses will be the talk of your friends because that have now understood that you are an individual that is not afraid of being daring and taking chances on fashion.  You can be sure that these sunglasses break the monotonous bounds of what eyewear is supposed to be. Show others your rebellious and anarchistic side that will both awe and inspire others.

3. Oliver People’s

Vintage American shades that exude class! These are Hollywood styled sunglasses are manufactured in Italy, so it is a combination of both classic Americana style and refreshing Italian craftsmanship.  If you want to be seen as a world class gentleman, who is both intellectual and cultured these are the sunglasses for you!

4. Ray Ban

There’s a reason that Ray Bans can be seen everywhere.  They’re classic designs and if you are the type of person to easily lose your sunglasses, these are for you.  The air of fun-ness that these exude show that you are a fun loving person that is both down-to-earth and easygoing!

5. Tom Ford

No list would be complete without the leading men’s wear icon.  You can definitely see why Daniel Craig wears a pair of Tom Ford sunglasses in the modern iterations of James Bond.  These sunglasses scream success in every aspect of your life, and that is the feeling that these shades exude.  The solid foundation of the Tom Ford brand is something that none can deny, and these ensure everyone around you understands that you are a man that is not to be taken lightly!

Therefore, these are five of the best sunglasses every gentleman needs. Each sunglass style evokes a different emotion that your friends, family, and clients will be enthralled it.  We believe it’s of the upmost importance to put your best foot forward and these sunglasses will ensure that.  Picking one or two of these will increase your fashion sense and exude the type of individual you are!

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