It has been an exciting run (no pun intended). After committing myself to self-improvement over the entirety of the year, I have been thankful at the load of opportunities that have presented itself.  There have been various feats that have unexpectedly reared itself unto me, and I am proud of the minor accomplishments that arrive […]

It’s alright to be lost once in a while. Life inexplicably has ways of throwing curve balls and obstacles at inconvenient times. When things seem like they can’t get any worse, they do get worse, and our work to control the situation may seem uncomfortably futile in our times of desperation. Eventually, there is a […]

Happy New Year Everyone! Welcome to the start of this beautiful year.  I’m #positiveaf that it is going to be an amazing year filled with exceptional memories every single day.  Let’s not forget that this marks the beginning of another 365 days worth of opportunities given to us to become the best versions of ourselves! […]

Be indefatigable in achieving your goals! Going to Maui for the Leave it on the Floor bboy competition truly taught me the power of being unstoppable in your endeavors.  Due to my work schedule, I almost didn’t embark on this exciting adventure because I had to squeeze the flights on my working days.  This meant […]

Pull-ups + Dips = One Complex Exercise! Today marks the first day that I was able to complete a muscle-up (an exercise where you perform a high pull-up and proceed to push yourself even higher above the bar). After many attempts, I was finally able to perform a singular sloppy rendition of this exercise and […]

Envelop yourself in positive vibes to enable yourself to become your best self. Spreading positivity can be a facile task if you are willing to be thankful for the day you are given as soon as you awaken.  Everyone has something to be thankful for on a daily basis, and embodying a mindset focused on […]

Wishing you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas! I am #positiveaf that today is a day to rest up and enjoy your time with the special individuals of your life.  Truly relish today’s festivities and do not sully this wondrous holiday with feelings of inadequacies.  Today is truly a day to enjoy the […]

Things may look bleak at the moment, but they will get better! What season comes directly after the coldest of winters? If you guessed spring, you get two #positiveaf thumbs up! Beautiful spring comes directly after winter; sweeping away the woes and sorrows that are associated with this cold and difficult season.  As with our […]

Providing contagious positive as f*** energy is the goal! When offering a smile, what is the usual first response you receive? Usually you get a smile back (unless the individual is having a difficult day or is a generally unhappy person). Being #positiveaf is a choice to be more intentional with your emotions. When we […]